Features » February 11

SMEs optimistic about 2011

Business confidence grew significantly at the end of 2010, a portent of a stronger economy for this new year. The CFIB’s (Canadian Federation of Independent Business) Business Barometer [...]

Three Canadian trade policy priorities in 2011

The global financial crisis and recession were a loud wake-up call for Canada. The United States, that great engine of global consumption and Canada’s primary trade and investment partner, [...]

Cleantech is the investment opportunity of the decade So where is the money?

In a post-recession era (or, at least, so we hope), it seems that the world has sat up and taken notice of cleantech. According to the definition found in Wikipedia “Cleantech is a term [...]

A gift for Canadian business Owners: The small business capitals gains exemption

In the many conversations I have regularly with owners of privately owned businesses, I am constantly surprised that they are virtually unaware of the tax benefits when they are thinking of a [...]

Entrepreneur profile: Ryan J. Foley

Having learned the natural healthcare market from the inside Ryan Foley has taken a career in the nutraceutical industry and launched the latest Canadian success story, Nuvocare Health Sciences [...]

Supply Chain Capabilities

Consider this: 51 of the top 100 economies of the world are corporations, not countries. When C-level executives were polled as to their view of supply chain management, over 60 per cent [...]

Minister Of Finance highlights Canada’s strengths

The Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, told an audience of senior investors in New York that Canada’s fiscal situation remains one of the strongest in the world, its economy is [...]

Peter Schiff puts his money where his mouth is: Euro Pacific Canada

“I was right.” Peter Schiff is President and Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, a full service, registered broker-dealer, which specializes in foreign securities. The [...]

IMF supports Canada’s return to budget balance

The Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance welcomed the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) annual review of Canada’s economic developments and policies, which strongly supports [...]

Canada on the world stage

As the country awaits an announcement from the Harper/Obama governments on sweeping changes to border regulations, designed to improve trade and the movement of people between Canada and its [...]

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