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Dell’s Social Media Manager talks to CBJ

Richard Binhammer is Dell’s Senior Manager specializing in Social Media. He is a virtual expert and has led the charge in social media for Dell, a company that by its very technological [...]

Do you know the value of your business?

If you own any kind of business, you need to know what kind of real income your company earns. If you are prepared to do a Normalization of Income of your company it will help you determine a [...]

Chartered accountants more optimistic about own company than Canadian economy

A  report released in November shows there has been a steep decline in optimism about the 12-month prospects of the Canadian economy among Canada’s C-level executive CAs (CEOs, CFOs [...]

Work From Home movement gets national attention

There’s a chance that on November 24, 2011, you won’t go into work—and neither will a lot of other Canadians. What started as a Workopolis poll question has grown into a [...]

A good Risk Management program: like money in the bank

True, it can be complex for a large corporation, but for small and medium-sized businesses, a Risk Management program can be straight forward and imperative asset. Risk Management involves the [...]

Special Report: Muskrat Falls hydro electric power project

The deal, the controversy —and if the project is really worth it He said it—and boy, did he do it. Only a week prior to his monumental resignation as Premier of Newfoundland and [...]

International Trade Controls & Compliance…. It’s not only for the rich.

Canada is largely a trading economy; some estimates put one out of every three jobs as being dependent upon our exports. And, thanks to NAFTA and a variety of largely geo-political factors, [...]

In defense of the oilsands – A celebration of a national treasure

“(The oilsands) will be a curse if it’s not managed properly, (but) it can also be a great gift to Canada and to Alberta if it is managed properly,” Cameron said. When James [...]

iPhone vs. BlackBerry: Which is better for business?

Be it resolved—the iPhone is a superior business tool The versatility of the iPhone makes it a superior communication tool for a variety of different needs—yes, even business. [...]

Canadian Chamber of Commerce: 2011 Economic Outlook

After the sharp bounce back from recession, Canada’s economy lost some of its swagger expanding at a sluggish 2.3 per cent annual rate in the second quarter of 2010 and a meager 1.0 per [...]

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