Features » July 17

Redefining Global Financial Centres In a FinTech Era

Financial technology or FinTech as it’s commonly known, is a relatively new phenomenon and has morphed into an industry of its own, which is comprised of enterprises that use new technology and [...]

Modernizing NAFTA – Come join our campaign

We remain optimistic that NAFTA 2.0 could be a huge boost to the economies of North America because there is so much to be gained. But we’re also starting to worry: anti-trade rhetoric and [...]

Post-Merger Integration – Setting the Stage for Success or Failure

Most text books tell us that mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are made to improve business performance and accelerate a company’s growth. But despite the goal of performance improvement, [...]

Recalibrating Canada’s Exporting GPS

Human beings are generally creatures of habit and none more so than Canadian exporters. They are like highway drivers who have found a favourite route from A to B and don’t want to pick a [...]

M is for Money – A Kid’s Guide to Financial Literacy

The first all-Canadian book series on financial literacy for children ages 5-9 with author Teresa Cascioli (TC). Cascioli is a commerce graduate from McMaster University in Ontario. As the former [...]

Maximize Your Results With Content Marketing on LinkedIn

Do you ever wonder what you can do to increase the engagement of your content on LinkedIn? LinkedIn recently surveyed more than 9000 of their members globally, to find out just how people are [...]

Lemonade Stands – A Kid’s First Foray into Entrepreneurship – A Dad’s Perspective

My daughter told me her first business idea several months ago. The idea was much more complex than ye olde lemonade stand. I have her confidence, so I won’t divulge her secret juice. Instead, I [...]

How Policy Changes Affect Toronto’s Real Estate Market

Recent changes have been made to Toronto’s residential market regulations, but what do they mean in terms of future prices and rent dynamics? This is of interest not only for tenants, but also [...]

Innovation Awards – Career Coachin Mobile App

A Toronto entrepreneur has found a way to help newcomers to Canada and other under-skilled individuals find meaningful, long-term employment in today’s challenging work environment where jobs are [...]