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Features » June 17

THE WOZ – Apple Inc. Co-founder Steve Wozniak Discusses His Remarkable Career

By Angus Gillespie The word ‘legend’ definitely gets tossed around rather haphazardly in today’s society when talking about someone who has achieved noted success. Perhaps it’s a desire to show [...]

Will U.S. President Donald Trump Burst Our Housing Bubble?

As good Canadians, we have all been taught to believe that the Canadian and American economies were “tied together at the hip”. If America does well, Canada will do well. If their economy picks [...]

Fast And Furious – Negotiating NAFTA

Tick-tock! The U.S. Trade Representative just sent the official notification to Congress that NAFTA negotiations will begin in 90 days. The Canadian government must now negotiate and resolve all [...]

The Advantages Of Going Digital

It’s not just about saving paper — going digital helps companies improve the bottom line and client experiences. Every spring, thousands of students across Canada mull over acceptance letters and [...]

Private Capital Markets And Its Importance For The Canadian Economy

When former Dragons’ Den star Arlene Dickenson reported in March, 2017 in Globe Investor that 80% of her personal portfolio is in private investments it is clear that she places a lot of [...]

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Accountant?

Tax season may be over for the year, but that doesn’t mean the relationship with your accountant should be, too. As a business owner, if you only speak with them when it’s time to file, you may [...]

Q&A With Personal Branding Expert Barry Feldman

“You, my friend, are a brand.” Barry Feldman has been saying this for three years now and his efforts to explain the concept and deliver actionable advice to develop a successful personal brand [...]

The Best Way To Client Retention: The Answer May Surprise You

“So, what is our brand?” That was the question that I asked on Day 3, during my time as the business development consultant to a pro hockey league. The answer that I got was the same answer that [...]

National Scale-up Data Platform To Help Canadian Companes Grow

The Lazaridis Institute for the Management of Technology Enterprises at Wilfrid Laurier University recently announced the launch of a national scale-up data platform to capture and track growth [...]