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Features » March 16

Current guide for Municipal Asset Management Plans present challenge for Ontario’s Infrastructure Investment

The 2015 Ontario auditor general’s annual report raises concerns about the fact that the Wynne government doesn’t have a long-term infrastructure plan that includes an accurate description of the [...]

The Five Biggest Teamwork Ills

Twisting your features into a mask of pain, you dig your heels into the soft grass. A rope tears into your palms. A clear, tiny voice speaks to you amid the many confused thoughts swirling in [...]

How to Save an Ailing Company

Having worked, consulted and coached for many companies over many years, I realized that some of these companies now no longer exist. For some they were acquired by larger, more aggressive [...]

Beat the Tax with These Year-end Tips

I had an opportunity to speak with Bill Baynton of the Investor’s Group to get some basic year-end tax advice. This is what he had to say. Tax-planning should be a year round activity but even if [...]

Starting a Business? Get a Small Business Credit Card or Two

So you are about to launch your business. Congratulations! What an exciting place to be. But before you renovate your store or office space, before you get your marketing materials designed and [...]

Canadians’ Debt is Out of Control

In a prolonged interval of economic uncertainly it appears a number of Canadians are opting to ignore the red-light financial warning signs and continuing to spend well beyond their means. We’ve [...]

The Capitalist Theory

Suppose you give me $1 million with the instructions, “Invest this profitably, and I’ll pay you well.” I’m a sharp dresser – why not? So I go out onto the street and hand out stacks of bills to [...]

Toronto Youth Present Invention Tackling Water Sustainability in Toronto

Toronto high school student Fahreen Bushra, 17, was studying for a calculus test when she received an email telling her that she would be a guest on the Daily Planet. Devan Srinivasan, 13, [...]

LinkedIn Currency: The ROI of Your LinkedIn Network

Would you spend 15 minutes a day to add 35 more clients to your business a year? Let me ask you another question. If you don’t measure your results, how will you determine the ROI of your [...]