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Features » November 17

NAFTA Negotiations: A Long, Arduous Process

Creating a win-win-win scenario is no easy feat Never was there an assumption that renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement was going to be a straightforward, easy task, but even [...]

Workplace Harassment Can Cost You Plenty

Dr. Warren Shepell is a pioneer in Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and founded, developed, and managed Warren Shepell – EAP Professionals where he delivered EAP services to over 1,500 [...]

The Superman/Wonder Woman Trap

Most people agree that one of the keys to success in business is having the right people doing the right things. Jim Collins (of Good to Great fame), taught us the importance of getting the right [...]

Building a Strong Reputation For You and Your Freelance Business

Today’s workforce looks radically different than it did even a decade ago. Many university grads are opting out of the corporate world and choosing to work for themselves instead, while [...]

Why Media Relations is Your Missing Piece to Success

Do you make media matter in your business? You are probably wondering, ‘What does that mean exactly?’ When you look up the website of a publicly-traded company, you most often find a media [...]

Fighting for NAFTA – Better to Have No Deal than a Bad Deal

Never in the history of trade negotiations have we seen a country’s largest, most important business association openly call its government’s trade proposals “dangerous” and say they should be [...]

How Successful Could Your Company Really Be?

Everyone knows the cute story of the ugly duckling. The shy young duckling that lacked confidence at such an early age, but in the end, grew up to be the most beautiful and accomplished of all [...]

How Sharing Content Gets You More Visibility and Sales

I’m sure you’ve often heard, content is king. But does that mean that you have to write everything you share? There aren’t enough hours in the day for that. Content marketing’s role in the [...]

Workplace Smoking: It’s Not a Problem

Recently I re-connected with Rick Weston, CEO of Addiction Management Systems. AMS pioneered the solution for workplace smoking problems. I asked Rick why business owners and senior management [...]