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U.S. Election Numbers

Temkin Group, a leading market research and consulting firm that helps organizations improve their customer experience, has released research showing that U.S. President Barack Obama has a larger [...]

Return of the PQ : What it means for the Rest of Canada

Over the span of Canada’s relatively brief 145-year history, our nation has gone through a number of growing pains to get to where it now stands – which, by all accounts, is viewed by [...]

VIA Passenger Rail Service

By: Angus Gillespie Long before the world was introduced to airplanes and automobiles the main method of human transportation was the train. Going back to the very early days of rail service, [...]


Manitoba’s provincial government, the federal government and the private sector began collaborating and working in unison dating back to 2008 to fund the CentrePort Project in Winnipeg with [...]

The Future of Canada’s Real Estate Market

With house prices making new highs in the Toronto market and signs of slow down in the Vancouver market, interest rates at an all time low and warnings from the Bank of Canada about an overheated [...]

Breakthrough Innovations and Diverse Perspectives

It is reported that Albert Einstein once said “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” I am reminded of this quote every day [...]

A New Angle on Talent Development

Much of the discussion on talent development in recent years has focused on training, coaching and mentoring. These are all valid approaches and worthy of pursuit. But as the talent landscape [...]

Consolidation Concerns : Competition Bureau Fights Back Against the Big 3 Telecoms

Seemingly never-ending convergence: it’s something many Canadians have been worried about for quite some time now and with good reason. Business consolidation is now at the point where [...]

Roy Green: It’s not about the Game any Longer

A few words from the kids unsteadily engaging in mob pursuit of a smallish black rubberized disc and 3 am beer league players to the National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players [...]

Bankers’ Perspectives Canada’s Financial Experts Look Towards 2013

The economic doldrums which have taken hold of virtually the entire global economy since the first major slowdown in 2008 are still with us to this day, although as Canadians can be thankful that [...]

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