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Is Gold an Economic Accelerator?

Gold can have multiple personalities. Sometimes it can act like a hedge against inflation. Sometimes it can act like a safe haven asset. But its most important attribute is something that most [...]

Resource Sector Optimism Stirs Upbeat Economic Mood

Canada’s small businesses were quite a bit more upbeat in February, according to Business Barometer, a monthly index put out by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). The index [...]

Global Mobile Launches Android Smartphone

Global Mobile Communications has today announced it is launching a DEWALT branded high-end, completely ruggedized smartphone to the Canadian market. The company’s experience combines deep insight [...]

How to Generate Blog Ideas That Will Keep Readers Coming Back

A well-written and regularly updated blog is a great marketing tool for a variety of reasons. A blog drives people to your website, helps you build your personal or company brand, and allows you [...]

Canada-U.K. Trade Relations And What To Expect Post Brexit

On June 23, 2016, voters in the United Kingdom surprisingly changed the course of that nation’s future when 52% of ballots were cast in favour of leaving the European Union, with the departure [...]

Digest What You Eat!- Practical suggestions for successful M&As

Hugh Latif is a highly respected and known Management Consultant. He is the author of “Maverick Leadership (Amazon). Latif believes that as we move into the second month of the year we can expect [...]

2017 – The Year When Populism Meets Policy

If 2016 was the year of Populist Surprise (none of us predicted Brexit or the victory of Mr. Trump), then 2017 will be the year of Populist Policy. More precisely, this will be the year we find [...]

Quality, Service and Price: Pick Two – The QSP Model for Combating the Price Objection

The world of business development is heavily focused on price. It comes up early and it comes up often. Purchasers squeeze the price and sales reps are sure they must go lower to get the sale. It [...]

Blogging Tips, Tactics And Trends: Survey Results

Are you looking for the most current blogging tips, tactics and strategies? Do you want to know what the pros are doing when it comes to content marketing and blogging? Keeping up with the latest [...]

Which Comes First – Death Or IoT Security Regulations?

In October 2016, the company Dyn, which is one of the hosts of the domain name system whose servers monitor and direct traffic on the Internet, experienced a major distributed denial of service [...]

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