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Fix the RDSP and Close the Poverty Gap of Canadians with Disabilities

Canada’s Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) is the first poverty-fighting tool for people with disabilities in the world. This remarkable example of federal/provincial/territorial [...]

Pay Equity Laws Alone Won’t Close The Gap

There were a lot of old ghosts haunting the Liberal government when it tabled its budget on February 27. But have these spectres brought change to women’s lives this International Women’s Day? [...]

The Battle of Mind and Heart: Business Growth vs. Philanthropy

How do you stay on top of the relentless change in the marketplace and juggle the pursuit of business growth and be philanthropic? Is the key to wait until you have success and money, whereby you [...]

The Real Score on ROI with Social Selling

Have you ever asked the question “what’s the ROI of social media?” For most B2B businesses, the highest return on investment is generated from social selling. Yet others struggle to see results [...]

What Might You Be Missing…? It’s Often the Little Things That Matter

On a recent Saturday morning I headed out to get a massage not far from where I live. Currently, there is so much construction along the street I live on due to an underground subway being built, [...]

Where There is Too Much, Something is Missing

When I was an economics student many years ago, the last living student of John Maynard Keynes and noted economist Joan Robinson gave a lecture to a packed hall. During the question period, one [...]

Is Your Business Up To Fighting Climate change?

Taking collective action on climate change has never been as critical as it is today. From floods to severe storms, Ontarians are already experiencing the impact of climate change. The recently [...]

Building Great Teams

It’s a fact that it takes a great product to help make a company successful, and it’s also true that products don’t get built without talented managers leading strong teams. If your goal is to [...]

The Man Who Could Be Our Next Prime Minister

As of the latest public opinion polls it seems as if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the ruling federal Liberals have a lot of work to do if they want to have a second-term in office. Federal [...]

Trials and Tribulations of Preserving Global History

A business that captures historical artifacts and moments exist in many industries such as air flight, railway, people’s rights, filmmaking, religion, sports and politics. These businesses [...]

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