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Where There is Too Much, Something is Missing

When I was an economics student many years ago, the last living student of John Maynard Keynes and noted economist Joan Robinson gave a lecture to a packed hall. During the question period, one [...]

Is Your Business Up To Fighting Climate change?

Taking collective action on climate change has never been as critical as it is today. From floods to severe storms, Ontarians are already experiencing the impact of climate change. The recently [...]

Building Great Teams

It’s a fact that it takes a great product to help make a company successful, and it’s also true that products don’t get built without talented managers leading strong teams. If your goal is to [...]

The Man Who Could Be Our Next Prime Minister

As of the latest public opinion polls it seems as if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the ruling federal Liberals have a lot of work to do if they want to have a second-term in office. Federal [...]

Trials and Tribulations of Preserving Global History

A business that captures historical artifacts and moments exist in many industries such as air flight, railway, people’s rights, filmmaking, religion, sports and politics. These businesses [...]

Using Intelligence to Unmask the People Behind Business Deals

In recent years, increased access to personal and business data has provided rich deposits of decision analytics there for companies to mine if they understand their value and know how to access [...]

Harnessing the Power of AI in the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor

The Toronto-Waterloo Corridor is the second largest start-up and technology hub in North America, second only to Silicon Valley. Recently, the Corridor has found success in establishing itself as [...]

Rigorous Journalism Can Save Us from Fake News

“Journalists are like firefighters: you may not need them every day, but you want to know they’re there to protect you.” Veteran journalist, Edward Greenspon used this analogy at a recent Senate [...]

PDAC 2018: A Resounding Success

Attendance at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada’s (PDAC) 2018 Convention totalled 25,606—a clear sign that the mineral exploration and mining industry has regained its swagger [...]

The Bionic Agent and Big Business: Why the Robots Aren’t Taking Over Just Yet

At a time when Artificial Intelligence is often touted as the Holy Grail of customer service, banks, insurance companies, and telecom providers are striving to improve Customer Experience using [...]

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