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Manitoba Honey Farm Develops First-of-its-Kind ‘Smart’ Beehive

The Canadian beekeeping industry is abuzz with news that Manitoba researchers have found a way to ‘see’ inside beehives without lifting their lids, giving honey producers a leg up in the face of [...]

B.C. Poised to Lead Canada’s Economic Expansion

B.C. and Ontario are forecast to spearhead the country in economic growth through 2016, deemed to be the country’s current leading provincial economic drivers. The need for these two established [...]

Seven Important Lessons In Social Media Etiquette

Are you often worried about making mistakes on social media platforms and unsure of the appropriate social etiquette? Do you know that each social media platform has it’s own set of unspoken and [...]

Mistakes Businesses Make in a Disaster

When the unexpected happens to a business a delayed action – or the wrong action – can cause as much harm as the initial incident itself. That’s the message of John Bresland, former board member [...]

Bootstrapping vs Funding: Is it a Generational Thing

Dominic Mazzone is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker, author, and Canada’s digital guru. Through Smashbox Consulting he is constantly advising businesses on dominating their industries [...]

Lots of Money, No Deals Available

At this time, there is more money in the system than anyone can imagine. There is a shortage of companies to acquire, or good projects to invest in. The theory that the baby boomers were selling [...]

How to Repair a Customer Relationship

If you’re in business, you will have customers. If you have customers, chances are high that not all your customer relationships are as solid as you would like them to be. And if you have been in [...]

The RFP Effect and How to Fix It

To RFP(1) or not? This question creates anxiety for purchasers and fear for bidders. It’s amazing how three otherwise innocuous letters can instill such angst when arranged in this order! [...]

Canada’s Services Sector – An Undervalued Expertise

If one looks at many key metrics in a business, there is often a minority creating a majority. Many executives know of the sales & marketing adage (known as the Pareto Principle) which [...]

Paperweight Keeps Canadian Companies from Getting Ahead

There’s a huge anchor holding many Canadian firms back from being more competitive. Think of it more as a giant paperweight keeping them down. Companies are literally being buried in an avalanche [...]

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