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International Capital Market Fragmentation – The Risks Are Real

The 2008 global financial crisis, setting in train financial bankruptcies and causing credit markets to seize, shook the global financial system to its core. In response, the G20 tasked the [...]

Why Your Company Website is Costing You Business

The company website: For many executives, it’s considered an unnecessary business expense. It’s there because “everybody’s got one and we better have one, too.” [...]

Where Are You Missing Opportunities In Your Business?

As a self-confessed people watcher, I spend quite a bit of time watching what people and businesses are doing, and more importantly what they are not doing. The reason is simple…you can learn so [...]

Six Stages to Sales and Marketing Alignment

Gone are the days where sales and marketing departments work in silos. In order to attract today’s modern buyer, there needs to be sales and marketing alignment. Today’s digital B2B landscape [...]

Study Suggests Possible Risks When Upgrading IT Equipment

Only two out of 10 Canadian organizations hire a specialized company to dispose of their used IT hardware, despite saying that data security is their primary concern, according to a new survey [...]

NAFTA Negotiations: A Long, Arduous Process

Creating a win-win-win scenario is no easy feat Never was there an assumption that renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement was going to be a straightforward, easy task, but even [...]

Workplace Harassment Can Cost You Plenty

Dr. Warren Shepell is a pioneer in Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and founded, developed, and managed Warren Shepell – EAP Professionals where he delivered EAP services to over 1,500 [...]

The Superman/Wonder Woman Trap

Most people agree that one of the keys to success in business is having the right people doing the right things. Jim Collins (of Good to Great fame), taught us the importance of getting the right [...]

Building a Strong Reputation For You and Your Freelance Business

Today’s workforce looks radically different than it did even a decade ago. Many university grads are opting out of the corporate world and choosing to work for themselves instead, while [...]

Why Media Relations is Your Missing Piece to Success

Do you make media matter in your business? You are probably wondering, ‘What does that mean exactly?’ When you look up the website of a publicly-traded company, you most often find a media [...]

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