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Choosing the Right Financial Partner When Selling Your Business

Lee Monahan, a partner at Harren Equity Partners, believes that business owners often think of “private equity” as a sector where all participants have a similar culture, strategy, and approach. [...]

LinkedIn’s Dirty Dozen & How to Avoid Them

In the world of nutrition, the dirty dozen is a list of produce that has the highest level of pesticides. In the world of marketing…we have some similar pests that can plague us. In fact, this [...]

How to Take Advantage of New Rules For Life Insurance

The tax rules for life insurance changed on January 1, 2017. The previous regime was effect for over 34 years — from December 2, 1982. Generally, policies purchased before 2017 are grandfathered [...]

Speaking With A Stacked Deck

The expression “stacking the deck” usually refers to dishonest card players who pre-arrange the sequence of a deck of cards in order to win a game. Therefore when a situation is said to be [...]

Keys to Creating a Canadian Vision

We often overlook the value of one of the simplest innate abilities we have as human beings – the ability to vision. For 30 years I coached hockey teams. It was not until I immersed myself into [...]

Is cold calling dead?

I see ads all over the internet announcing that cold calling has met its demise. They blame changes in how communication takes place (email, texting, and social media) as being the culprit – a [...]

Business Tips For Salary Negotiation

After sending numerous resumes, preparing for countless interviews, and perfecting your cover email, you received a job offer! Now is the time your prospective employer expects to negotiate. [...]

Led by Minerals and Mining… Natural Resources Poised For a Rebound

Coming out of this year’s Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada annual event in downtown Toronto it was quite apparent there was loads of optimism within the oil and gas and mining and [...]

Canada-U.S. Regulatory Cooperation Benefits Both Countries

Canada and the United States have developed the most highly integrated economies in the world, with shared supply chains in every sector. Our two countries depend on each other for our mutual [...]

Budget 2017 – Let’s Not Wait And See

The funniest line on Budget 2017 officially goes to John Ivison who said reading the federal budget was like being “relentlessly flogged with warm lettuce.” The runner-up comes from one of our [...]

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