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Women in Business For Better or For Worse

I remember the first time I was asked to help coach girls’ hockey. What a different experience. Since 1982, I had only coached boys and men. I thought a hockey player is a hockey player, so what [...]

TSX-Venture ‘Option To Give’ Program Embraces Social Good

Perhaps you’re familiar with Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG for short) mandates, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and Principiles for Responsible Investment (PRI). Canada has [...]

Ways To Modernize Your Manufacturing Purchasing

Today’s manufacturing environment is all about eliminating waste and building efficiency into every area of the business – including purchasing – so you can offer a quality product at competitive [...]

The Evolution of Corporate Governance in Canada

Corporate scandals, executive misconduct, security breaches, investor activism, environmental and social impact management and the #MeToo movement have been dominating the news in the past few [...]

The Rule of Three

“Three Blind Mice”… ““Three Strikes and You Are Out”…. “Location, Location, Location”… these are examples of how the Rule of Three governs almost every facet of daily life. As [...]

Social Leaders Pave the Way To Increased Brand Relevancy

Will your brand be relevant 100 years from now? Or how about even 5 years from now? In the year 2000, only 16 of the top 100 companies, from 100 years prior, remained in existence. Now, consider [...]

How Are You Showing Up?

With my self-admitted super power of being a people and business watcher, I have come across so many examples of where businesses ‘Show Up’ exceptionally well and where they [...]

The China Syndrome: Will Diplomatic Friction Disrupt Economic Trade?

The economic relationship between Canada and China has never been one that would be called overtly warm and fuzzy, but it has grown over the decades to the point where Canada receives a great [...]

Harnessing the Power of AI to Prepare Businesses for the Future

There’s no denying that AI is becoming a pervasive part of the Canadian workplace. Businesses are setting higher goals and achieving more, faster. A Willis Towers Watson report from April 2018 [...]

Inter-Provincial Trade Barriers are a National Embarrassment – But We can Work Together To Change That

Canada’s framework for interprovincial trade is patchy at best. While Canada has signed on to free trade agreements with countries around the world, there are significant barriers to the free [...]

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