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Canadian Citizens Deserve Better

In this day and age, Canadian industry is presently capable of providing us with a standard of living created by Canadians. This achievement will come as a result of the initiative and financial [...]

Become a Millionaire – The Cheaper Way

I don’t generally look forward to reading how-to business books. I usually find them full of platitudes, outmoded common sense, lacking wit and, worse of all, personalized advice that may only [...]

Tran$itioning to a Ca$hle$$ $ociety

Given the propensity of the constantly evolving technological revolution it comes as no surprise that some global jurisdictions are now on the cusp of incorporating a cashless monetary system for [...]

Profitable Social Media Activities for Your Business

Social media has been mainstream for many years now, but are you still struggling to figure out what you should be doing? Have you been spending time on social media but finding that the time [...]

Researcher Collaborates with AOR Inc. to Develop Innovative Blood Cancer Treatment

A leading Calgary-based natural supplement formulator has announced that it has developed a groundbreaking natural product, in collaboration with a young Ontario researcher, which is showing [...]

Who’s Got Time For Time Management?

You know the situation well. You’re rushing to work in the morning after having knocked off a few urgent emails over breakfast. Traffic irritates you for being slow (even although it’s likely to [...]

Four Faces of Leadership and the Importance of the Vision Thing

Whether it’s a presidential candidate, a corporate executive or an NFL coach, people admire a leader with vision. They like someone with a clear idea of where he or she is headed, and who knows [...]

One Piece of Advice (Or Maybe More) For Budding Entrepreneurs

I’m not sure I realized I was on the cusp of a trend when I started my own public relations firm more than 25 years ago. Like any entrepreneur, I was focused on my own goals those first few years [...]

Social Media Marketing Musts For Introverts

What an amazing world we live in nowadays. You can quite easily promote yourself and your business without leaving your couch. This gives introverts a worldwide audience, no matter where you’re [...]

The 2015 Oil Slump: Impacts on Canadian Consumer Credit Health

No lender operates in a vacuum. External factors such as competition, regulatory requirements, public perception (your reputation), consumer sentiment and the economy clearly impact consumer [...]

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