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Lobster Fishing is Becoming An International Boon for The Maritimes

For many decades the Maritime Provinces have most often lagged behind the other regions of Canada in terms of economic development, but as of 2015 there has been a pleasantly surprising [...]

Preparing for Global Deflation

I had the opportunity of interviewing Mike Verge, Managing Director at Ontario Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors Association, regarding his fascinating book and his message rang true [...]

Is Your Organization Due for a Social Media Health Check

The business benefits of social media are widely documented and today almost every organization, regardless of the industry, has leveraged social channels to improve their bottom line through [...]

Things You Might Not Know Are Made with Plastics

Sports clothing, hockey equipment, gymnastics floors, surfboards, tennis racquets, goggles, bicycles, sneakers, pole vault poles, golf clubs. World-class sports require world-class gear. Amateur [...]

Major Infrastructure Investment at UBC – $51.5-million Investment will Create Jobs, Expand Research

Post-secondary institutions help equip young Canadians with the education and training they need for future careers that will help them join a strong, healthy middle class. The recent [...]

BREXIT Aftermath: Starter Kit for SMEs

The dust has started to settle after the recent and surprising BREXIT vote in the UK and many Canadian exporters are still wondering how this will affect their exporting efforts aimed at the [...]

How To Tell If Your Company Is Being Acquired

Are you asking yourself the question ‘Is my company being acquired?’ Should you be? There is a lot of activity in the business world. The Canadian business world is getting smaller. [...]

The End of Growth

Everyone’s least favorite summertime ritual is here—it’s the annual revising down of global growth forecasts. The World Bank slashed its outlook for 2016 global growth from 2.9% to an “insipid” [...]

Security Innovations Aid in Product Authenticity

Deep in a state-of-the-art lab in Mississauga, Ont., researchers are tackling problems that cost businesses around the world billions of dollars every year. The engineers and scientists at the [...]

Guaranteed Ways to Position Yourself as an Authority

There are so many choices and options today when people are looking to solve a challenge or problem. So just how do they make that choice? They go to the trusted expert or authority that has [...]

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