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Mitacs Globalink Experiences Major Growth In Attracting the World’s Best Students

Toronto, Ontario – Canada’s imports may be on the decline, according to recent Statistics Canada reports, but there’s one area that remains a hot commodity: top-performing students. Through a [...]

Five Social Media Metrics You Must Check Regularly

Are you confused by which social media metrics you need to check regularly? A track and field star needs to measure how long it takes them to complete a track in order to be able to improve upon [...]

The Greek Meltdown From a Canadian Perspective – And and Overall View of Our Economic Outlook

The overwhelming meltdown of Greece’s financial base has by no means come to an end, despite the belief that it seems the Mediterranean country will be in line for yet another bailout, this time [...]

Pre-Sales, Post-Sales and the Bit In-Between

The game of sales can indeed be a complex one. With rampant competition in many sectors, game-changing technologies more commonplace, and shareholders eager for above-market returns, the pressure [...]

Canada’s “Stacked Deck”

A Canadian consultant with only domestic clients adventurously decided to answer a multinational RFQ. Without any experience outside of Canada, he nevertheless thought that telling clients that [...]

Saving Canada’s Venture Exchange

Recent years have been particularly challenging for Canada’s Venture Exchange, an important source of funding for small-cap, early stage companies as well as mid-sized Canadian businesses that [...]

Five Steps to Integrating Coaching into Your Talent Management Strategy

Coaching means many things to many people. Many times a certain technique that is referred to as “coaching,” isn’t really coaching at all; it’s actually counseling or feedback. For example, you [...]

How to Successfully Partner With Partners

In the complex world of business with so much interaction, specialization and expertise necessary, companies often have to embrace working with outside entities. When handled properly, these [...]

Why the Situation in Greece Matters to Canadians

The issues with Greece are well documented. Greek debt remains north of $380 billion, and has had a number of sanctions imposed on them by creditors. The country’s GDP comprises less than 0.4% of [...]

The Expansion of Cloud Computing – Microsoft Launching Two Canadian Data Centres in 2016

The massive growth explosion of cloud computing has led an astounding number of top tier technology companies to climb onboard and be part of the data sharing in what has fast become a [...]

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