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Hashtagging Your Way to Social Media Relevance-Those Seemingly Inconsequential Hashtags are Crucial To Gaining More Exposure for Your Brand

Not so many years ago, many people probably paid little attention to that pound sign on the computer keyboard. You know, the one that looks like this: #. Then along came Twitter and what we have [...]

Can You Thrive While Mixing Family with Business?

I once agreed to be a guest on a radio talk show that I thought would focus on marketing tips. But – as I always warn people preparing for their first talk radio interviews – the host can [...]

Do Your Social Media Profiles Create An Immediate Impact?

First impressions are everything in this world, especially online. You have seconds to make a connection with a brand new prospect before they size you up and move on. When I work with my [...]

Strategic Partnerships – Do They Work?

The old adage that “one plus one” makes three is the special alchemy of a merger or an acquisition… The most practical perspective on strategic partnerships is that they become an [...]

Selling Your Family Business

Selling a Family business is a major decision that some might be considering as the economy transitions from recession to recovery. It’s a choice that involves valuing your business’s tangible [...]

When the Worst Happens Here’s What You Can Do

In business just as in life there are times when simply ‘the worst’ happens. It might not actually be the worst but you imagine and feel it is. At this normal point in someone’s life or career, [...]

Start-Up Entrepreneur Receives Award for Ground-breaking Work in Solar Energy

The cost of generating electricity from large-scale solar energy systems is being cut in half, thanks to the leading-edge work of Richard Beal, an up-and-coming entrepreneur based in Ottawa who [...]

Small Business Growth with a New Idea

Even with the changes incurred in the recently announced budget plan, a common goal of many Canadian small businesses and entrepreneurs remains unmoved – the goal of company growth. One way in [...]

Global Export Opportunities Await Many Canadian SMEs

In virtually every large international economy the world over, large companies within those countries are exceptionally active and thriving as exporters. The lifeblood of the global market is [...]

A New Angle on Talent Development

Much of the discussion on talent development in recent years has focused on training, coaching and mentoring.  These are all valid approaches and worthy of pursuit.  But as the talent landscape [...]

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