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How to Consolidate Tax Losses of a Related Corporation

Canadian corporations looking to maximize their resources in these challenging economic times may want to consider what opportunities are available for using the tax losses of a related Canadian [...]

Where to Find Your Ideal Customers on Social Media

As new statistics show 62 per cent of adults worldwide are using social media, the dust has officially begun to settle on the debate of its relevance as a marketing tool in the business world. [...]

Mobile Marketing

A number of Canadians say they would buy more if presented with promotional offers on their smartphone while out shopping. When asked what they would do if they received a promotion on their [...]

How the West is Winning with Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi

The first notable and substantial migration by eastern Canadians – predominantly those from Ontario – to booming western Canadian cities such as Calgary initially took hold in mid [...]

Retained Earnings: Your Business Keeping Your Stuff

Time and again we hear business owners speak of their businesses much like spouses, or second spouses. These allusions to the owner-company relationship as a marriage bear no resemblance to [...]

Energy Incumbents & Cleantech Stars: Collaborating for a new Class of Low-Carbon Assets

Some difficult math has come to light, and the numbers are starting to make investors nervous. To limit warming to safe levels (2C) we’ll need to leave nearly three-quarters of known fossil [...]

Growing the “Perfect Business”; Competitive Advantage in an Intangible World

Businesses emerge to fill a need in a marketplace.  This article showcases two different solutions to a common problem.  That these two businesses (and many others) can exist, flourish [...]

Tax Reporting with the CRA’s Voluntary Disclosure Program

Do you have unreported income? If you do, you may be able to clean up your tax reporting by using the voluntary disclosure program offered by the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”). The [...]

Stop Data Theft or Loss

Has anything like this ever happened to you or someone you know? Get to your destination or your clients’ and your USB Drive decided not to join you. Now the fun begins. Was it encrypted? [...]

Open Forum with Prime Minister Stephen Harper – Building upon Our Vast, Untapped Natural Resources

From coast to coast this vast country presents a seemingly unlimited and diversified source of potential natural resources on top of current exploration projects.  Heading into the future, [...]

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