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Four Stages To Monetize Social Media Marketing

Are you struggling to monetize your social media efforts? Do you feel stumped when it comes to the “selling” part of social selling? I understand the frustration you feel when it seems like your [...]

Oil Prices and Interest Rates Bottom Out

Plummeting international oil prices have put a smile on the faces of commuters filling their gas tanks while simultaneously eliciting a distinct frown on the faces of governments whose countries [...]

Profile of a Successful Canadian Entrepreneur

Arlene Dickinson is no dragon. Despite the fact that the owner of Venture Communications is a hard-nosed investor on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, in real life, Dickinson is every bit the passionate [...]

Flocking to the South this Winter? Canadian Snowbirds and the Dollar

With snow blanketing most parts of the country, many Canadians will be packing their bags heading to warmer locales in the U.S. Sunbelt. This annual winter getaway is not just a vacation; it is a [...]

Company Page vs. Personal Profile

By far, one of the most popular questions I get when I am speaking at conferences is, “How do I get more followers and business from my LinkedIn company page?” Many “social media experts” will [...]

What kind of Lawyer Do you Need When Selling your Company?

When you start considering a transaction for your business, it is critical to engage a seasoned M&A lawyer. While you may have a lawyer for other affairs, the process of purchasing or selling [...]

Five Steps to Build a Brand in 2015

For the past 70 years, business branding has been largely guided by principles developed in the 1950s and 1960s, when there were only three television networks, messaging through advertising was [...]

Why Should A Corporation Own Life Insurance?

If you own a business, there are several reasons you would need life insurance in the context of your business. The most common reasons are the following: Funding a buy-sell agreement – life [...]

Cloud Computing Still Has Many C-Suite Executives Lost in a Fog

The advancement of cloud computing over the past several years has expanded at such a rapid pace it would be hard to believe that even those companies who spearhead its initial foundation could [...]

Is Your Career Stuck in Gridlock? Change your GPS

The end of each year brings the promise of the next. However, like many others, you may struggle with a stalled career or lack of personal and professional growth. The prospect of initiating [...]

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