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Canada’s Labour Market Sputtered in 2013

Did you know? Employment growth for 2013 as a whole was a mere 0.6 per cent, the slowest pace recorded since 2009. Employment gains were concentrated among men and women aged 55 and over. 95 per [...]

Ford Canada’s President & CEO Believes Her Company Has the Edge on Competitors

It’s but a 90-minute drive along the Queen Elizabeth Highway from the western New York border along the Niagara River to Oakville, Ont. but Ford Motor Company of Canada President & CEO [...]

Connecting Emotionally

"When I’m watchin’ my TV, and that man comes on to tell me, how white my shirts can be… I can’t get no… satisfaction."-The Rolling Stones The way [...]

Deep Learning Software – Taking Us to New Frontiers

Google’s computing resources and technological innovations have been nothing short of astounding over the past several years, and perhaps no more so than in the area of AI called deep [...]

What’s On Your Stick?

We, as people, always can remember the past, the way things used to be. We are normally afraid of the future or the unknown. The dawning of the 21st century has had an enormous effect on [...]

Tech Innovation with Google Canada MD Chris O’Neill

A native of Ontario, Google Canada Managing Director Chris O’Neill brings with him more than 15 years of expertise in marketing, strategy, and partnership development, working with [...]

Retirement Savings:How Much Will You Need?

The question posed in the title has no definitive answer for everyone. Lie isn’t that simple or succinct. The answer depends on many factors, including such key factors as the age at which [...]

Use Behavioral Finance to Manage Risk

The stellar performance of North American, Japanese and European markets in 2013 has put the issue of risk on the backburner for many investors but it has also started to create anxiety for some [...]

Three Steps to Avoid Merger Meltdown

The easiest time to change is when we are in crisis mode.  It’s human nature to resist change unless a decisive moment forces our hand. During a merger, transition can be overwhelming [...]

Facebook for Business: Is It A Waste Of Time?

Have you noticed your Facebook organic reach is down recently? Are you finding that only a fraction of your fans seeing posts without the use of ads? If you haven’t noticed your Facebook [...]

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