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Coaching’s All the Rage But Is It Really Worth It?

Before I got into Executive coaching about six years ago, I was a seasoned Vice President of Sales with lots of international experience. I thought it would be a bit unique to do coaching since [...]

Trudeau Endorses P3 Model

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has made it abundantly clear that he is a big proponent of the public-private partnership model during his keynote address at the annual Canadian Council for [...]

Global Economy: Hovering Between Growth and Stagnation

Six years after the onset of the financial crisis, words like “mediocre”, “brittle”, “disappointing”, “sub-par” and “uneven” are used to describe the global economic recovery. British Prime [...]

Let’s Call for a National Salesperson Month

Many thanks to all the salespeople who keep our fragile economy moving. Theirs is the toughest, least noticed, and most underrated position on the business battlefield. They are the unsung [...]

Five Revolutions That Will Shape the Future of Marketing

The market is full of trendy terms—Big Data, the Internet of Things, Digital Natives, Globalization, Social Media, etc.—that attempt to describe the complex technological and social changes that [...]

The Seven W.A.R.N.I.N.G. Signs Of Career Distress

Midlife, it’s supposed to be the time when we should have it all. In actuality it’s more like, “My life is more complicated than I ever imagined and my career is not turning out as I had hoped. [...]

Joseph S. Mancinelli Of LiUNA!

As the consummate principal of Canada’s largest building trade union, Joseph S. Mancinelli has spent his entire adult life working for one organization – LiUNA! Just 21 when he first joined the [...]

Why B2B & LinkedIn Should Say “I Do”

LinkedIn now has well beyond 200 million members.  When they surpassed that milestone they commemorated it rather publicly with an email campaign congratulating those with the top viewed [...]

I am Thinking about Selling My Business

How do I get to the Letter of Intent stage and start the process? When selling your business, reaching the letter of intent (LOI) stage is a great indicator of success. But, the process is far [...]

‘The H2 Advantage’ — Habits & Hyper-Performance

In my recently published book “The 6 Sales Habits”, I talk about the incredible importance high-performing sales professionals place on identifying, creating and institutionalizing winning [...]

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