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The Quantification of Social Performance

MacCormick a Toronto-based management consultancy dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the mining industry recently launched Canada’s first-ever index of socially [...]

Verizon Not Coming to Canada – For Now… But Others May Be on the Horizon

It no doubt came as a huge sigh of relief to Rogers, Bell and TELUS when Verizon Communications formally announced they would not be seeking to enter the Canadian market due almost exclusively to [...]

Financial Strategies to Profit from Rising Interest Rates

Interest rates in the U.S. and Canada seem to have reached a bottom and the end of the 33-year-old bond bull market seems to be looming. When interest rates drop, bond rates rise and a bull [...]

What’s Next for Microsoft After Nokia Purchase?

Microsoft was once the largest company in the world. In fact, it was the first company ever to have a market valuation of $600 billion. But that was more than a decade ago when it dominated the [...]

Seven Important Lessons In Social Media Etiquette

Are you often worried about making mistakes on social media platforms and unsure of the appropriate social etiquette? Do you know that each social media platform has it’s own set of [...]

Driving the mission: When a Business Leader Joins a non profit

Success or failure in a for-profit business is judged according to revenue growth and value for shareholders’ money. Measuring the social impact or “mission performance” of a [...]

Bruce Power CEO talk about The Future of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy has been a fundamental staple of power production in many western nations dating back beyond 50 years.  The first ever nuclear plant to generate electricity was opened in the [...]

Keeping a Close Eye on the U.S. Economic Recovery

In the five years since the global economy first began to unravel across a large swath of the globe, its numbing effects are still being felt by many nations. In fact, some are arguably in worse [...]

The Return On Investment from a university education

In 2013 there are more students attending universities from coast to coast than ever before in our country’s history. Not only that, but Canada is recognized as having one of the highest [...]

Ford Motor Co. and Governments Unite Providing a Boost to Manufacturing

Positive affirmation the future of the Canadian manufacturing sector makes headlines on a much more infrequent basis nowadays than it did during the s and 1980s when automotive plants in Canada [...]

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