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When it comes to Small Business…

Have you ever been subjected to a lousy experience in dealing with your bank on a personal or business matter? A certain percentage of the Canadian population definitely has had some frustrating [...]

Overcoming an Embedded Culture of Venture Capital Risk Aversion

In order for the national economy to continue to expand there is the inherent need for innovative startups to be able to access the type of funding needed to generate ideas that could be [...]

Almost 90% of Canadians Believe MPs and Senators Use Expense Accounts Improperly

“Unfortunately, the situation in Canada appears to be almost identical to what was taking place in the U.K. just before the expenses scandal broke to the public.” Those were the words [...]

Women + Tech Survey: Face-to-Face or Facebook?

A recent international survey conducted by AVG Technologies reveals the extent to which women are using technology to manage their love lives. In an increasingly digital world, today’s [...]

Startup Foreign Tech Companies Opting to Make Canada Their Second Home

It’s been slow moving at times, a glacial pace some may impatiently decry, but there’s now a definite shift towards startup international technology companies opting to plant their [...]

Growing the "Perfect Business"; Competitive Advantage in an Intangible World

Businesses emerge to fill a need in a marketplace.  This article showcases two different solutions to a common problem.  That these two businesses (and many others) can exist, flourish [...]

Wireless Telecom Wars Heating Up

At no point in history has competition within the wireless telecom industry here in Canada been so heated and intense as it is right now. Bitter feuding between the incumbents and the new players [...]

IBM Canada President Dan Fortin: Technical Innovation is the Key to Survival

With almost 400,000 employees worldwide, International Business Machines Corporation, or IBM as it’s better known, has been a leader in technology for decades.  Started in the United [...]

Does Your Leadership Measure Up?

The top five leaders most admired by the world’s business executives are Winston Churchill, Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Jack Welch – in that order, according to the [...]

Not So Fast

Has your company implemented a random alcohol or drug testing policy for your employees? If so, it may be time to reconsider those policies as a result of a recent Supreme Court of Canada [...]

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