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Canada and the European Union (EU) have reached an agreement in principle on a comprehensive trade accord that will significantly boost trade and investment ties between the two partners, and [...]

How to Deal With Rejection as a Sales Professional?

One of the biggest hurdles to successful selling is the fear of rejection. So why so many sales are people working in industry afraid or unable to deal with rejection? Don’t take it [...]

Where to Find Your Ideal Customers on Social Media

As new statistics show 62 per cent of adults worldwide are using social media, the dust has officially begun to settle on the debate of its relevance as a marketing tool in the business world. [...]

Succession Planning: It’s Not a One-time Event

You’ve built your business from the ground up over 20 or 30 years, you’ve poured everything into it, felt every loss and rejoiced in every win. But maybe you’re thinking [...]

The Return On Investment from a university education

In 2013 there are more students attending universities from coast to coast than ever before in our country’s history. Not only that, but Canada is recognized as having one of the highest [...]

Ford Motor Co. and Governments Unite Providing a Boost to Manufacturing

Positive affirmation the future of the Canadian manufacturing sector makes headlines on a much more infrequent basis nowadays than it did during the s and 1980s when automotive plants in Canada [...]

Strategy vs. Tactics – Who Wins?

In the unwavering fight to meet or exceed company targets, Executives constantly struggle with the perennial question of “should I change my strategy or change my tactics?” But which [...]

Depression in the Workplace

An extensive study by The Conference Board of Canada reveals one in five Canadians will experience a mental health issue in their life.  This is an important concern for employers since [...]

Legal: Risk in a Social Media Policy

Social media should no longer be mysterious. Even as new platforms emerge and existing ones evolve, the foundational principles that animate most every iteration of social media remain constant. [...]

When Respect Matters

Just as there is a growing lack of respect in society as a whole, respect plays an ever-increasing role in business. In a world of ever shrinking margins, gone are the days of the quick sale and [...]

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