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Is Business Forgiveness Possible?

According to The Economic Times: “To err is human but in the world of business – forgiveness is a virtue that is seldom encountered.”  This is especially so when a single [...]

Study Shows Pipeline Oil Transport Poses Fewer Risks than Rail or Truck

Oil transport by pipeline presents significantly lower safety risks to workers than oil movement by road or rail, concludes a study published today by the Fraser Institute, an independent, [...]

Expanded Free Trade with Chile a Catalyst for South American Deals

This coming January marks the 20th anniversary of the North American Free Trade Agreement taking effect. Since that historic date in history between Canada, the United States and Mexico, our [...]

The Estates of Sunnybrook

When you think of construction and development companies, you think of cranes, high rises and the physical building of a new area. Now, connecting with the community goes beyond inviting [...]

Depression in the Workplace

An extensive study by The Conference Board of Canada reveals one in five Canadians will experience a mental health issue in their life.  This is an important concern for employers since [...]

Legal: Risk in a Social Media Policy

Social media should no longer be mysterious. Even as new platforms emerge and existing ones evolve, the foundational principles that animate most every iteration of social media remain constant. [...]

When Respect Matters

Just as there is a growing lack of respect in society as a whole, respect plays an ever-increasing role in business. In a world of ever shrinking margins, gone are the days of the quick sale and [...]

The Quantification of Social Performance

MacCormick a Toronto-based management consultancy dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the mining industry recently launched Canada’s first-ever index of socially [...]

Verizon Not Coming to Canada – For Now… But Others May Be on the Horizon

It no doubt came as a huge sigh of relief to Rogers, Bell and TELUS when Verizon Communications formally announced they would not be seeking to enter the Canadian market due almost exclusively to [...]

Financial Strategies to Profit from Rising Interest Rates

Interest rates in the U.S. and Canada seem to have reached a bottom and the end of the 33-year-old bond bull market seems to be looming. When interest rates drop, bond rates rise and a bull [...]

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