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No Paper, No Taxes, Just Cash

It is by estimate an annual $38 billion reality in Canada; the underground economy (UE) in which millions of Canadians likely engage or have engaged in.  It’s probably not far off the [...]

Look What’s

Nextdoor, the private social network for the neighborhood, has introduced Nextdoor for Android. The Nextdoor App enables members to stay safe and connected to their neighbors anytime, from [...]

How’s Your LinkedIn Etiquette?

Many business people and professionals are afraid of making mistakes on social networks and this prevents them from taking full advantage of all that social media offers This article will help to [...]

Invoice Discounting/Factoring

A familiar but difficult scenario unfolds. You are the owner of a manufacturing company (or distributor/importer) that is growing rapidly. Sales are up 25 per cent over last year. Success is [...]

You Think Fraudsters Only Affect a Small Number of People – Think Again!

We have seen or heard the horror stories where a fraudster has put a mortgage on a house without the homeowner’s knowledge. Only when the loan goes into arrears does the homeowner suddenly [...]

Revenues are Down – What Do You Do Now?

Revenues are flat or down! The CEO and Board are badgering you for an immediate fix. You’re stuck. What are your options and what can you do to recover – and recover quickly? At some [...]

Changes to Rail Safety Too Late for 47 Lost Souls in Lac-Mégantic

It’s rather mind-numbing to contemplate that prior to now, it was not against regulations to leave an unattended freight train carrying hazardous or otherwise potentially dangerous cargo [...]

Q & A with David Wright, Canada’s former Ambassador to NATO

Wright is also the Kenneth and Patricia Taylor Distinguished Professor of Foreign Affairs at Victoria College, University of Toronto, he  is Special Advisor to Dale & Lessmann LLP. With [...]

Cracking Down on Offshore Tax Cheats

If you are a Canadian with offshore property and income, be advised there are new reporting requirements due to changes imposed by the federal government and there are signs to indicate they are [...]

Magic Arrows in an Economist’s Quiver

What I’ll really be talking about is economic indicators beyond the usual ones such as interest rates, inflation, the gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate, stock market prices, capacity [...]

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