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Closing the Gap on Canada’s Productivity Decline

When I was a young boy in high school our economics teacher spoke to us about Canada’s lower productivity ranking as compared to other “developed” countries. More than 20 years [...]

Can Facebook Sustain and Increase Mobile Advertising Revenue?

Despite widespread skepticism from a seemingly large segment of the investment community, Facebook has confounded critics who thought it would be incapable of making money from the rapid growth [...]

The Franchise Show Provides a View into the World of Self Employment

It’s something that crosses most everyone’s mind at one point or another: what would it be like to your own boss? There are many paths for a prospective entrepreneur to head down. A [...]

Time for MPs and Senators to Completely Open the Books

Were fundamental expectations in place, were rules routinely exercised in business engaged, questions swirling around members of parliament and the Senate concerning expensing of housing and more [...]

Purchasing a Franchise

There are many pitfalls awaiting the unwary franchise purchaser. A thorough investigation, however, can help the buyer dodge the hazards and uncover the right opportunity. In the past few years, [...]

Using Spin-Outs to Bridge Valuation Gaps in M&A Transactions

In this climate of continuing economic uncertainty, companies which are reportedly flush with cash reserves continue to be reluctant to spend that cash on expanding their businesses through [...]

So You Want to…Start your own business

Wendy Eustace is referred by successful professionals, executives and entrepreneurs as an excellent coach and facilitator, who makes a lasting difference in the lives of her clients and [...]

Click and Pay

Technology often prompts the law to contemplate issues which had previously never been considered, providing new test cases for old concepts. However, as much as one charges forward with the [...]

Changes to OAS and GIS and Their Effect on Retirement

At the end of March 2012, millions of Canadians who were born on or after Feb. 1, 1962 woke up to the new reality of a changed retirement landscape and the prospect of having to work an [...]

Carney Will Have Hands Full

In the world of high finance few can currently claim to have achieved greater or more well-deserved clout than Canada’s own Mark Carney, a 47-year-old native of Fort Smith, Northwest [...]

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