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Not So Fast

Has your company implemented a random alcohol or drug testing policy for your employees? If so, it may be time to reconsider those policies as a result of a recent Supreme Court of Canada [...]

A familiar story of due diligence

This article could also be called A Familial Story. I am talking about the tremendous opportunity we all have to ensure that Canadian entrepreneurs, past, present and future; derive appropriate [...]

Ford President & CEO Craig Recalls Painful Times in the Auto Industry

Now in its 109th year of operation, Ford of Canada, like all other established automakers, must stay ahead of the curve if it hopes to enjoy another century of success not only here in this [...]

New CRTC Chair Blais Takes Federal Regulator Down a Much-Needed New Path

Despite holding the prestigious position as CRTC Chairman for just one year, it’s refreshing to see Jean-Pierre Blais is taking the federal regulator down a new uncharted path, which is [...]

Five Steps to a Successful Social Media Campaign

The biggest and most common mistake with social media marketing is the lack of a strategic plan and clearly defined approach. The reality is that it takes a lot more than setting up a profile and [...]

A Frequently Answered Question

By Mara Ashraf   In my 20-plus years in banking I have been asked and have answered my fair share of questions on a number of different topics. The question in the title of this article is a [...]

The 2013 Federal Budget

The main goals of the 2013 Federal Budget consisted of creating jobs, simplifying taxes and closing perceived tax loopholes.   The following elements in the budget have the biggest impact on [...]


More and more companies – large and small – are outsourcing all or part of their supply chain functions. In today’s competitive economy, the constant need to improve [...]

Women in Mining

Workplace diversity in both the mining and broader business communities has been a topic of discussion for many years.  But is all that talk leading to positive change?   During the [...]

Continuing Powers of Attorney for Property

While it is understandably difficult for clients to turn their minds to the subject of death and ensuring their estate plans are in order, many are unaware of the importance of incapacity [...]

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