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"Help!… We Need More Space!"

This is how the phone conversation started one afternoon.  Of course this was after the usual greeting and normal phone etiquette, followed by “Alex we need your [...]

Business Takes the Lead – Collaborate to Compete

Toronto Board of Trade is mobilizing business to lead the creation of a regional economic strategy supported by the development of industry clusters focused on our leading sectors. Now the Board [...]

Roy Green: Calling Ford! Paging Edison!

Whether the words are those of Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney, or United States Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke their message remains identical.  The Great Recession continues [...]

Green Up!

The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) has announced the release of GREEN UP, an innovative building performance program for owners and operators designed to measure, compare, and improve [...]

Farnborough International Airshow 2012

Minister of Industry Christian Paradis says the future of the Canadian aerospace industry will be one of the driving factors of our national economy for many years to come, with many [...]

Alex Carrick: The Six Stepping Stones Explaining Canada’s Economic Ennui

The Bank of Canada’s mid-July press release on interest rates sets out the latest projections for gross domestic product growth in the country. The figures are positive, but they lack [...]

The Government’s Plan for Long-term Infrastructure

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities, a civic advocacy group, says federal government roundtables on the new long-term infrastructure plan are excellent opportunities for government [...]

New Home Buyers – Know What ‘Warrants’ Your Attention

In 2011, construction had commenced on 193,950 new homes across Canada, comprising 82,392 single-detached homes, 32,017 semi-detached and row homes, and 79,541 apartments and other unit type [...]

The U.S. Faces Pressing Challenges

On November 6, 2012, Americans will head to the polls. Many commentators have referred to the 2012 general election as the most important ever. The stakes are certainly high, not just in the [...]

How to use Digital Marketing to Recruit Top Talent

Looking to gain a competitive edge with your recruitment strategies? Digital marketing tactics such as email marketing, online press release distribution and, of course, social media provide a [...]

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