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Clean 15 Series: Narrow-sightedness in the Age of Inherent Omniscience

A few weeks ago two friends and myself went to lunch to discuss a business proposal. When the menu came it was pages long and had a very wide variety of choices. After some real internal agony I [...]

Research In Motion: Rest In Pieces

With unrelenting worldwide attention focused on the downward fortunes of Research In Motion, we’ve all witnessed the shock of seeing this one time national tech darling relegated to the [...]

The Last Post Fund

“In 1941, a great Canadian, General Georges P. Vanier, said: ‘The Canadian soldier, sailor or airman has left his country, his home, his family; on the altar of the Homeland, he gave [...]

Buyer Beware: Buying U.S. Foreclosures a Risky Business

By Neil F Garfield Esq Canada weathered the storm caused by Wall Street antics by simply not playing. Canadian banks saw inherent risks and moral hazards that they wanted no part in playing. [...]

Employment Growth Abounds for a Robust and Expanding Industry

An old joke that often makes the rounds is that there are two seasons in Canada: winter and construction. Of course, there are many different forms of construction and preceding phrase relates [...]

Why the Price is Wrong for Ontario Auto Insurance – IBC Launches Campaign to Assist Consumers

Who pays for medical expenses following an automobile collision?  How could a small scratch from a fender bender end up costing the system $250,000 in insurance claims? These are some of the [...]

Men in Kilts – A Very Unique Brand

In this day and age where competition in business is a constantly surging reality, it goes without saying the need to differentiate oneself from the masses provides a definite advantage, assuming [...]

Amazing Feats in Canadian Construction

A great number of Canadian construction marvels can be witnessed from coast to coast. We’ve compiled a short list of 10 amazing construction feats that often tend to stand out above the [...]

Land of the Lost: What is to be done with Unclaimed Property?

An organization’s processes dealing with lost or forgotten items are often less than developed. One is familiar with the derelict cardboard box labelled “Lost and Found” behind [...]

Forestry and Lumber Key Sectors of our National Economy

For many generations, the lumber industry has provided a way of life for Canadians, not only for domestic use but also exporting our wood products to our other countries. By far the strongest [...]

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