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Princess Margaret Hospital – Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer

It’s that dreaded word nobody wants to hear or have to deal with. Life would be so much easier and less stressful if it weren’t a part of life on Earth. But cancer is a devastating [...]

Trends in Canadian Tax: Tightening the Net

When governments need cash, tax changes often follow. Knowing that voters do not look favorably on governments that bump tax rates, politicians often find more creative ways to squeeze revenue [...]

The Golden Age of Panama

I had the pleasure of working with two professionals who specialize in counseling corporate clients, private investors, and heads of SMEs in their acquisition or sale of commercial, industrial, [...]

Study Reveals Jerks Often Get the Jobs… and Better Pay

If you’ve ever ventured out beyond the secure confines of your home, it’s all but guaranteed you have come across numerous aggravating situations of being locked in the presence of a [...]

Pizza Nova – a Model of Franchising Success

For almost half a century, Pizza Nova has been a successful Canadian franchise and it continues to grow with each passing year. It all began in 1963 when the Primucci family opened the first [...]

Canadian Household Debt Still Alarmingly High

It sounds like a broken record, but Canadians are continuing to dig themselves deeper into debt with each passing day as evidenced by numbers associated with the first quarter of [...]

Power of Persuasion – The Inspirational Life Story of Arlene Dickinson

By Angus Gillespie When given the unique opportunity to peek behind the scenes and catch a glimpse of a successful entrepreneur and their personal origins, it can be both fascinating and [...]

Three Steps to Avoid Merger Meltdown

The easiest time to change is when we are in crisis mode.  It’s human nature to resist change unless a decisive moment forces our hand. During a merger, transition can be overwhelming [...]

How Can You Tell the Good Franchisors from the Bad?

The success of a franchise system and the contentment of the franchisees in the system are very much a product of the character, strengths and weaknesses of the franchisor.  A franchisor, to [...]

Disruptive Black Swans

A short while ago I was fortunate enough to meet author Malcolm Gladwell. Gladwell, with his iconic hair, was exactly as I expected him; reserved, pensive and extremely observant. He had managed [...]

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