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The Weather is getting Worse…Adaptation is the solution

The weather is getting worse. The number of natural disasters is on the rise. Winter weather across most of the country broke records as unseasonably warm and ended in a heat wave. The cost of [...]

Succession Planning: A Scientific Approach for Winning the Talent War

The phrase “succession planning” means many different things to many different people.  For some it is a confusing gray area that evokes a twinge of fear, for others it conjures [...]

Alex Carrick: Thinking About Your Job Prospects? Give Thanks to the High-Tech Sector

Whenever I’m asked to make a public presentation, I highlight three key trends that are shaping the world economy – emerging markets, aging baby boomers and government austerity [...]

Three Insurance Pitfalls

Life and health insurance promise peace of mind but often leaves doubt and unanswered questions. The inner workings of this business are not well understood. Where can you get unbiased advice? To [...]

Social Media Series: What is Social CRM?

Simply put, Social CRM is a marketing strategy that combines social media marketing with customer relationship management tools (CRM). It provides a way to engage with potential customers and [...]

Advancement in Mobile Devices and Social Media, Means IT Managers Must Be Up To Speed

It’s widely expected that Internet traffic will quadruple within the next three years as more people around the world take the plunge and join the global technological revolution.  By [...]

2013 Radio Waves Auction

Unless there are substantial modifications to the government’s recent announcement regarding the rules and regulations for next year’s federal auction of radio waves, at least one [...]

Network Television: Hammer & Chew: Lords of Junk

Having the innate ability to entertain and keep people laughing is a trait many would say can’t be learned; it’s inherently ingrained in certain individuals who just seem to have that [...]

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

A primary role of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers is to enhance the economic sustainability of the Canadian petroleum industry while at the same time separating truth from myth [...]

DHL Opens Mega Facility in the GTA

International express mail services company DHL has opened its new Canadian headquarters in Brampton, Ontario, just northwest of Toronto. The centralized facility encompasses 34,000-square feet [...]

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