February 11


This issue of CBJ celebrates Canada’s strong economy in our feature section “Canada on the World Stage”. Our focus for February is the critical relationship between Canada and the United States.

Canada relies on our trade with the U.S. to keep our economy robust, so learning how to keep our trade open and dialogue with regulators smooth is imperative to a working relationship.

With that said: there are thousands of reasons for companies to invest and do business in Canada, but there are no better people to illustrate those benefits than experts and advocates who are seeing the results day after day. In our special annual section, you will find illuminating interviews with Jane Moffat from the Canadian American Business Council, Professor Alexander Moens from the world-renowned Fraser Institute, and Canadian Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz. Their viewpoints echo what we at CBJ have heard from the hundreds of companies we interview: our relationship with the U.S. is a potential model for other bilateral affiliations around the world and is vital to our national success.

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