FM Windows and Doors

Excellence of product and service

A family owned business that began manufacturing its product 1978, FM Windows and Doors is a Greater Toronto Area based company specializing in the manufacturing and installation of vinyl replacement windows and doors.

Beginning as a family owned business more than 30 years ago, FM Windows and Doors now has more than 30 offices across Ontario. Offering a “no-nonsense, non pro-rated warranty on all vinyl windows, hardware, components and glass”, FM Windows and Doors is among the most comprehensive companies in its industry, offering many styles of windows and doors, including single or double hung tilt windows (classic colonial window style), awning windows, swinging out from the bottom, plus casements, fixed or picture windows, specialty shapes, sliding patio doors, gliding vinyl garden doors, steel door systems and storm doors.

Commitment to quality

As a Canadian window and door manufacturer, FM Windows and Doors illustrates the company’s deeply ingrained desire to provide “excellence of product and service” in the business community. With a “true and total commitment” to customer satisfaction, FM Windows and Doors is truly attentive to the values that built its credible reputation.

Taking pride in its business model, FM Windows and Doors sells it product directly, avoiding the middle man markup. In its industry, many quality window and door manufacturers have zero control over the installation of its products because they are sold to renovators or installation contractors who may be unknowledgeable on how to properly replace a vinyl window or door. According to FM Windows and Doors, even the best product will not perform optimally if it is improperly installed.

“You never get into the classic tug of war between manufacturer, installer and contractor because if there is a problem, we are the problem solver,” says John Gainham, Vice President of Sales and Marketing with FM Windows and Doors.

Product advantages and installation

Some advantages of FM Window and Doors products, particularly vinyl windows, is that they require virtually zero maintenance, while also offering increased comfort (vinyl windows decrease drafty air that loses warm temperatures or a cool breeze) and instant savings on home heating and cooling costs, typically at a nine to 18 per cent cost reduction. Energy efficient windows reduce the cost of electrical lighting as well. A seemingly timeless product, vinyl windows do not rust, corrode, blister, flake or peel and are available in a range of colours. Vinyl windows not only have climate control features, keeping houses cool during summer months and capturing heat during the winter season, but are also air resistant and include water infiltration features, meaning the installed windows save energy efficiently.

FM Windows and Doors offers free estimates, beginning with a no obligation, in-home visit from a company window and door replacement expert to evaluate renovation project desires, display product samples, give recommendations, and take measurements to advance the potential project to its next stage. Customers are provided with an estimated cost of the renovation. Vinyl window products are custom manufactured to ensure specifications and optimal performance, as accurately as within one-eighth of an inch for the best possible installation. Installation follows in completing the project, removing old windows and replacing them with the new additions.

Alternatively, FM Windows and Doors also offers on-the-spot financing, meaning, if you want a window replacement that isn’t in the budget, or wishing to defer payment, customers can take advantage of the company’s deferred or zero interest payment options. Many customers of FM Windows and Doors use its fast financing to accelerate the window and door replacement installation process.

FM Window and Doors installers are trained professionals with a goal to ensure a quality installation and that expectations are exceeded.

As an industry leader

Known as being with the customer “every step of the way”, FM Windows and Doors has been recognized as one of Canada’s best 50 privately managed companies.
Manufacturing and installing Canadian-made products, FM Windows and Doors has made improvements to more than 200,000 houses since its opening in 1978 and has been named the recipient of the Consumers Choice Award for business excellence in its product category for 13 consecutive years since 1998.