Galrich Corporation

Total restoration and repair for concrete

The backbone of any business is something very simple—concrete. Like any material, however, it has a life cycle. Fortunately for buildings, facilities and institutions everywhere, this crucial part of construction can be revitalized and given new life. Galrich Corporation has provided a full range of concrete restoration services for over 25 years. Galrich delivers services, systems and technologies that build, repair, protect and strengthen reinforced concrete suspended slabs. Seamless, hassle-free concrete rehabilitation and repair services are the company’s speciality, as well as providing cost-effective and economical solutions.

Through the use and development of effective, operationally proven methods and advanced technology-based solutions, Galrich is committed to providing expertise and professionalism in every endeavour. A team of experienced, industry professionals have employed their collective field experience to utilize the patented restoration system on more than two million square feet in over 1,000 rehabilitation and restoration projects over the last 25 years. An ideal size, Galrich is large enough to tackle vast, complex projects, yet still maintains a hands-on approach for every project.

The power of a patent

The secret to the success of Galrich is its patented removal and replacement systems. Concrete structures have an expiry date and inevitably need a ‘tune-up’ once in a while. Deterioration of concrete structures takes a number of different forms. Typically, the combined effect of extensive exposure to salt and “freeze-thaw” cause the reinforcing steel to corrode. This subsequently causes the concrete to delaminate or spall. The restoration process consists of the removal of deteriorated concrete, followed by the replacement and cleaning of reinforcing steel and the reinstatement of chloride-free concrete. The company’s patented system allows the damage to be repaired with minimal disruption so buildings and structures can remain occupied while the restorations and repairs are underway. This allows for minimal disturbance to the occupants, as well as a significant reduction in project schedule, a considerable competitive advantage. The company promises to remain sensitive to the surrounding environment within the work area.

Health and safety in the workplace

It is Galrich’s belief that an essential responsibility of all its employees is to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. There is an art to the craft of reconstruction, restoration and rehabilitation, requiring precise application of human, mechanical and technological resources in a careful, cautious and respectful manner. Each stage of a project must incorporate the Galrich Health & Safety Program to ensure safe work practices and procedures. This program encompasses a range of guidelines committed to safety of its employees, clients and the general public. Naturally, a primary concern of the company is the prevention of injury and occupational disease through workplace safety. Each employee has specific responsibilities which must be fulfilled during daily operations and are consistently reviewed. By continually working in accordance with regulations and procedures designed to encourage health and safety in the workplace, Galrich continually proves to its clients the strength of its commitment.

Galrich is a member of The Building and Concrete Restoration Association of Ontario. The members of this industry association are contractors, material suppliers, consultants and engineering firms with expertise in the field of building and concrete repair. This is proof of Galrich’s dedication to keeping abreast of new technological advancements, as well as to health and safety concerns. Galrich is an industry leader with a heart. The company supports several local communities and charities, like Reach for the Rainbow.

Protection and waterproofing

In addition to its patented restoration technology, Galrich offers a number of protection and waterproofing services. It employs various protective coatings and waterproofing systems in order to facilitate the protection of completed projects. Firstly, the coatings prevent the recurring exposure of chlorides and moisture, which reduces the rate of corrosion and extends the life cycle of the structure. It also stops water from entering undesirable areas and prevents moisture penetration through full-depth cracks in the surface. There are a number of products and systems specifically tailored to address these issues and Galrich is experts on the subject.

Other Galrich services

As concrete restoration experts, Galrich enthusiastically offers a number of alternative services that utilize this experience, including project management, design services or total restoration consulting. It also offers a vast range of periphery services including window restoration, balcony restoration, expansive joints and wall stabilization. For any construction need involving concrete, it is an industry leader. Galrich is committed to employing and utilizing effective technologies and systems to achieve safe, economical solutions. The ultimate result? Galrich takes pride in seeing the value of a client’s asset rise because of its services.