Converting concept to reality

Leaders in the sheet metal industry since 1949, Giffin is a formidable Canadian business that has built a solid reputation on versatility, customer care and superior products. The company are leaders in the custom fabricators of alloy steels, carbon steels, coated steels, shapes and structural steels including design, fabrication, assembly, delivery and installation services. Giffin has never wavered from the vision of its founder, Donald P.Giffin Sr., former chairman of TCA, CCA and multiple award recipient in the construction industry, who was dedicated to serving clients in a range of sectors.

Giffin first found success with its work in the hospital sector, and has since directed its business to the automotive and industrial construction sectors, according to Bill Giffin, VP.  Having diversified, Giffin excelled with the “manufacturing and installation of paint finishing systems complete with their related equipment,” he says.  “For example; spray booths, ovens, phosphate/e-coat systems, weld/grind booths, air supply houses, stacks and ductwork.”

Giffin also provides a one-stop service for the food, paper, water and waste water sectors. Expanding when the market determines it is a fortuitous time, and executed “without compromising our ability to perform,” says Giffin, “we have maintained our industrial focus in order to stay true to ourselves and our customers.

Although competition is fierce in the sheet metal industry, Giffin is strongly positioned with its state-of-the-art, 100,000 square-foot facility. Wanting for nothing, the facility is equipped with high-definition plasma, 30 ton Strippitt, automated brakes, CNC angle iron line, shears, roll forming and welding equipment in addition to four 5-ton and four 7 ½ ton overhead cranes. Thanks to this arsenal, Giffin is able to efficiently process the smallest of jobs to the largest of projects.  With its modern, high capacity overhead cranes, jib cranes, hoisting/rigging devices and material handling equipment.

According to Giffin, its raw material manufacturing capabilities include carbon steels, alloy steels, coated steels, aluminium and copper in thicknesses ranging from the lightest gauges up to and including plate, shapes, structural steel and non-metallic products.

These strong resources are a tangible advantage in choosing Giffin, which, coupled with highly trained, top quality personnel, have made Giffin Canada’s leader in sheet metal.

Expansion and growth

Through the most recent downturn in the economy, Giffin took the opportunity to expand into another sector of business, recently acquiring the assets of a combustion service company which provides service, repairs and P.M.’s to gas fired equipment such as air houses, boilers, burners and ovens.  Additionally, Giffin provides upgrades to controls, valve trains and burners.

“We felt that there was a strong synergy between the two companies and it would allow us to provide value added services to our customers as a multi-trade company,” says Giffin. “With the acquisition we acquired a tremendous engineer and service staff to support us.”

Growth also came by way of manufacturing opportunities within the sheet metal industry. “We have been able to provide manufacturing services for sheet metal companies in different sectors than ourselves,” continues Giffin. “For example, we manufacture silencers, acoustic enclosures, weld ductwork and angle iron flanges for this industry.”

Recent successfully completed projects consist of Duffin Creek WWTP Odorous Control Duct and New HVAC; Mapcan Thermal Oxidizer; Chrysler Brampton Heated Flash and Sealer System Upgrades; Toyota Woodstock Paint Shop and Ford Fuel Cell.  Summer automotive shutdowns consisted of work at GM Oshawa and CAMI in Ingersoll, Ontario.  The company has just mobilized at F.J. Horgan W.T.P. on a one-year project upgrading the facility with a new HVAC System. The company are now seeing more business opportunities in the automotive sector than it has have in two years.

Bright future

Donald P. Giffin’s vision for his company has been realised — principals on which it was founded are ushering in a prosperous future. Clients go to Giffin because they trust their every specification will be met or exceeded—something ensured by the company’s detailed Quality Management Program.

With an ISO 9001-2008 and CWB Certified company with a long history of supplying industry with quality custom metal manufacturing, project management and installation capability, Giffin offers a one-source solution for customers in global and domestic markets.