Grand Touring Automobiles

Lavish luxury reigns

Everyone has that daydream during childhood of being behind the wheel of a British luxury vehicle. Whether zipping around a country curve with enviable, Bond-style Aston Martin speed, or navigating the city lights in a sleek Jaguar XJ, it is a universal fantasy to own the ultimate in automotive craftsmanship. The experience of owning a luxury vehicle—whether the first or the tenth—is an extraordinary occasion and should cater to the customer completely. This is the speciality of Grand Touring Automobiles, a Toronto-based luxury dealership with Canada’s largest selection of British luxury automobiles, from Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover, Bentley, to Rolls-Royce. Each brand has its own breathtaking showroom in the downtown core which displays these automotive works of art through pristine glass windows. As Canada’s only specialized British automotive dealer, Grand Touring Automobiles has its finger on a profitable niche market.

New management, new vision

In 2009, Grand Touring Automobiles assembled a new team of professionals to revamp the business and improve on its already impressive track record. To spearhead this, Grand Touring CEO Paul Cummings and Don Robidas, President and COO, combined their expertise to recruit only the best talent for the company. Cummings, an industry veteran, purchased the dealership from its previous owner in 2009 and brought in a fresh perspective to the already successful business. By age 36, Cummings was President of Volvo Canada, youngest President of Volvo globally to date. The expertise and experience gained through this led him to seek an opportunity in the iconic world of British luxury brands. Having the insight to understand the reach of its target market, Grand Touring Automobiles launched a new focus on building lifelong customer relationships. From management, to the service department, to retail salespeople, only the best and most committed people are invited to work with these incredible vehicles.

Stellar service centre

A luxury British automobile is built with the finest precision and therefore only highly qualified technicians should be involved in its maintenance. Keeping in line with customer service that exceeds expectations, Grand Touring Automobiles operates a service centre tailor-made to suit the needs of its clientele.

There are three departments focused on different aspects: service, parts, and the collision centre. The service department is a vital part of maintaining not only the vehicle, but strong lifelong customer relationships. Only those with the knowledge and experience to properly handle British luxury vehicles are brought into the shop. Technicians are trained and certified by manufacturers for the makes of cars in which they specialize, ensuring the customer always has ‘expert’ hands on his or her pride and joy. There is also a parts department catering to the specific needs of the makes and models of automobiles, guaranteeing one can always find a part that is needed.

The collision centre is an important part of the service centre. In the unfortunate event of a collision, only deftly skilled hands should be trusted with a luxury vehicle. The body shop offers a full range of specialized collision services including a paint oven, a downdraft spray booth, body straightening, plus all the original parts and accessories necessary to bring a vehicle back to perfection. High-tech equipment and expert personnel make sure that the work is done precisely, with extreme attention given to even the most minute details. In fact, Grand Touring Automobiles is so secure of the calibre of work in its collision centre it offers a lifetime guarantee on any collision work. This is truly a testament to Grand Touring Automobiles’ belief in its service.

Automotive beauty treatments

A luxury automobile like those sold by Grand Touring deserves to be pampered. The automotive “spa” the company operates offers a variety of services to keep vehicles rejuvenated, refreshed and looking like new. From interior services such as flawless detailing and console cleaning to exterior services like picture perfect hand waxing, tire buffing, or engine cleaning, a customer can drive away with a car looking like it was just purchased from the lot. There are several packages, such as the Invigorating Treatment, or the customer can create his or her own speciality treatment package.

Grand Touring Automobiles clearly has the insight to realize that its target market is a particularly powerful one. Its passionate belief and perseverance in building and maintaining lifelong customer relationships is evident in the careful thought that is put into its operations. We all have that desire somewhere inside us to experience the awe of a British luxury vehicle. Those who achieve it deserve the best customer service around. By catering to a small market and doing it right, Grand Touring Automobiles ensures a place in the market for many years to come.