Grosche International


Mehreen Sait started this small Canadian business as a loose leaf tea retail operation, quite prosaically, selling teas out of her home to friends and door to door to retail stores, and on the Internet. Sait took on the fast exploding tea market, but soon turned her attention to tea wares and accessories when she realized that while many vendors offered blended loose leaf teas, the selection for tea wares in the marketplace was not only limited, but also had unattractive design, and was often overpriced. Realizing this market opportunity, Sait went all out, creating a business that would offer quality products with modern designs at a competitive price. Grosche International was born, and has been providing quality products since 2006.

Sait chose to focus on heatproof glass products, as glass provided opportunities for modern designs and the visual impact that the marketplace lacked. Designing her own teaware with the help of her husband, an engineer, Sait traveled the world sourcing suitable manufacturers able to create these products.

Today, Grosche International designs and distributes its own line of beverage wares products in almost 20 countries, with the U.S. and Canada representing the bulk of the company business. The company products are carried by kitchenware stores, gourmet food stores, tea retailers, coffee shops, online retailers, drop shippers, and even spas and health studios. The widespread impact of the Grosche products is due to its unique design philosophy of expressive designs that still adhere to functionality, practicality, and competitive price points.

With the orders pouring in, the company has grown its sales by over 25,000 per cent in the last five years, so, naturally, the company just recently relocated to larger offices – for the fifth time in seven years. The company also recently opened a warehouse in Buffalo, N.Y., as the bulk of the company business is in the United States.

“While our North American growth trend is impressive in itself, the global potential is limitless. We have developed strong design expertise in the fast growing tea, coffee and beverage accessories segment that is setting our products apart, and our superior Canadian after sales customer service gives us the edge to win in a global marketplace. We routinely get inquiries and orders from Australia, Japan, and Europe and with the right distribution partnerships we would be primed for significant growth there as well,” says Sait.

As one of the fastest growing brands in its market segment, Grosche International plans to continue its growth by providing its customers a wide variety of beverage and kitchen ware accessories of unique designs and high quality. What started as a small line of glass infuser teapots and tea mugs has grown to encompass an impressive line of the best French press coffee makers, double walled glassware, water infuser jugs, kitchen scales and knives and knife sharpeners.
It’s safe to say that Grosche International has established itself in the coffee, tea, and beverage marketplace, and the company intends to grow through broadening its product offering, launching its ZWEISSEN brand. The ZWEISSEN line of kitchen accessories focuses on providing chef quality precision kitchen tools for everyday home use, complementing the existing line of GROSCHE beverage wares. “We will be launching several products over the coming 12 months all focusing on precision and with the same eye to design and value that our GROSCHE line has.”    

“Our rapid growth is fueled by our focus on fresh and unique design with a maniacal focus on providing superior customer value. All our product design and engineering, web development, customer sales and service is done in our main office in Canada. While we could rapidly expand into more lines of ‘me too’ products, we are focused on expanding our line with products that meet our design, function, and value criteria. The other factor that allows us to compete is that we manage our costs internally, enabling us to pass savings on to our customers and consumers, and enabling us to compete in a very competitive marketplace. We aren’t looking to be the biggest in the world, merely the best at what we do,” concluded Sait.

What began as a small idea a few years ago has quickly expanded pass the Canadian borders, and is becoming an international success. This fast growing brand with strong design expertise, and its impressive design lines will most likely set the company apart from the competition in its tea, coffee and beverage accessories segment for years to come.