Hudson Restoration Inc.

Ontario’s Fastest Growing Restoration Construction Company

Hudson Restoration, an Ontario
based property loss and
environmental damage restoration
company, shows how profitable a
great idea can be. After only four
years, the firm has established
four locations across the Greater
Toronto Area and serviced dozens
of residential, commercial, and
institutional buildings.

THE CANADIAN BUSINESS JOURNAL first featured Hudson Restoration in February 2013. At the time, we looked into events leading up to the company’s inception, and focused on cofounders Steve Hudson and Tony Strkalj inspiration to serve a niche client base.

In September 2014, we revisited Hudson
Restoration after noting significant growth over
the past year. We learned that the company
had not only expanded geographically, but had introduced several new services and products to
better serve its customers.

Fast, Sustainable Growth

Hudson Restoration is still a relatively new company. Cofounders Steve Hudson and Tony Strkalj
established the firm in 2010 with the mission to
serve high end clients through restoring their
damaged or deteriorating buildings. Yet the
partners’ initial desire to target this market began
many years prior.

Steve Hudson, after whom the company is
named, entered into the construction business in
1983 as an architectural technologist working for
a heritage architect in London, Ontario. By 1987,
he had his own successful architectural design
practice completing large residential and commercial projects. However, the recession of the
1990s caused Hudson to shut down his business.
He took on a job as a construction estimator
with a local insurance company in 1993.

In 1999, Hudson was approached by a major insurance company and took on a position as a
large loss property adjuster/appraiser. Here, he recognized an opportunity to improve the industry. His employer offered a product that insured multiple properties for high end clients; however, Hudson
noticed that these customers were not receiving
the level of service they required.

“I saw a niche for a restoration contractor that could communicate and deliver results in the way high end clients demanded,” President Steve Hudson notes in a September 2014 interview.

In 2007, Hudson became an independent
appraiser, and worked alongside several major
insurers. It was here that Hudson met Tony
Strkalj, an appraiser working for a competing
insurance company, and began to assemble a
team of restoration professionals. Three years
later, Hudson Restoration Inc. was born.

Today, Hudson Restoration has become a staple in the restoration construction industry within Ontario. The firm works with an ever growing
number of insurance companies, often being commissioned to restore high profile locations.

“We’re getting known as a boutique, high end restoration firm,” says Hudson, “Many of
Canada’s major insurers are choosing us to serve
their large loss, high profile clients.”

Hudson Restorations now operates in four
facilities across the GTA (Burlington, Markham,
Scarborough, and Brampton) and employs 14
professional staff members.

Developing Products to Meet Every Restoration Need

Hudson Restoration’s growth stems from the
company’s commitment to consistently develop
creative solutions to better serve its clients. Each
new service and product the firm offers begins
with the decision to meet every customer need
before it arises. Hudson’s mantra is, “proactive
not reactive. Extensive staff training is mandatory
to achieve this.”

The company currently acts as the exclusive BioSweep service provider for the Northern
Greater Toronto Area. BioSweep is a unique and
very successful disinfectant/decontamination
product initially developed by NASA to decontaminate the space shuttle after returning from
space, removing potentially harmful virus and
bacteria. The technology is approved and new to
Canada. More information can be found at www. under the BioSweep tab.

In early 2014, Hudson Restoration began
offering whole building sanitation, in which
BioSweep plays an integral role. On top of sanitizing the air and exposed surfaces, the firm now
provides in house medical grade HVAC cleaning using bio-friendly products. They recently
purchased a brand new state of the art duct
cleaning vehicle with a powerful “Dyson” truck
mounted vacuum unit. As put by Hudson, this
system is, “far superior to any competition in the
marketplace.” These products, combined with
BioSweep, puts Hudson at the top of the chart
when it comes to bio-sanitizing virtually any
building or factory.

Hudson Restoration has also increased
its presence in the Heritage restoration arena.
Notable projects include the full restoration of
the Black Bull Tavern and the full façade of 280
Queen Street, Toronto.

The most recent addition to Hudson
Restoration is its increased capability to serve
catastrophic loss (or “Cat Loss”) projects. In early
2014, the company vastly improved its inventory of drying equipment and expanded its ware house space in Burlington and Brampton.

“Cat loss projects need to be completed quickly and with a higher level of attention,” says Hudson, “through these additions, we now have the capability to serve multiple claims simultaneously.”

The Hudson Advantage

Hudson Restoration is clearly a company on the
rise; but what exactly is it that has allowed the
restoration construction firm to grow so quickly?

According to President Steve Hudson, it’s all
about “The Hudson Advantage.”

“It’s really all about making the restoration
process as smooth and convenient for all parties
involved,” he explains. “Insurance brokers are on
side with this as a marketing tool for their clients
given the poor reputation of insurance restoration contractors within our industry”.

There are three main factors within the
Hudson Advantage:

1. Hudson Restoration maintains a high
degree of communication. While many
other restoration companies may provide
insurance firms with only basic information, Hudson Restoration offers both daily
and weekly progress reports directly to
the insurance adjuster.

2. All workplaces are kept safe and clean
at all times. Hudson Restoration recognizes that they often work within people’s homes, and that the restoration work can
cause a major disruption to people’s daily
lives. As put by Steve Hudson, “We maintain that, before we leave a jobsite at the
end of the day, the floors must be clean
enough to eat off of.”

3. Projects are completed in a quick and
timely manner. Insurance companies
often earn a reputation for taking far
too long to complete restoration jobs;
Hudson Restoration understands the
need to complete projects in a timely
manner, and to allow clients to carry
on with their daily lives undisrupted as
quickly as possible.

Each aspect of the Hudson Advantage
contributes to Hudson Restoration’s success.
However, Steve Hudson notes that none of the
company’s tremendous success could have been
possible without the contributions made by the
Hudson Restoration team.

“We operate as a close-knit family team.
Everyone contributes to the completion of every
project we undertake.”

This team oriented approach has propelled
Hudson Restoration to the forefront of the
restoration construction industry. Should the
company continue to develop services that meet
the needs of both clients and insurance providers, it has the potential to grow into a nationally
accredited business.