Huron Window Corporation

Tradition of craftsmanship

Huron Window Corporation is a family-owned and operated business that was founded in 1980. Before then, the company founders were in the window business, building their experience. Once the Manitoba-based business did get off the ground—with both residential and commercial offerings—the Fehr family researched and designed their own window profile called the Huron Series.

In 1995, after more than fifteen years of research and development, Huron launched a new and improved entry door system with uPVC. The goal with the product launch was to offer consumers a complete maintenance-free package for their home.
Huron is the first in Canada to offer sophisticated moldings mechanism bonds in a wood-like finish to the window frame. It used to be that aluminum window frames with no painting were the go-to product for commercial and industrial buildings, but that trend is changing. Huron provides the same low maintenance as aluminum, in addition to superior heating and cooling efficiencies. PVC window frames are extruded from a special PVC resin that increases tensile strength and impact resistance. As a result, the frames are more secure and they are not affected by humidity.
The company also added a wood-grain color option to their product line, which became available to the Canadian market in 1999—even though the technology has been in Germany for the last 25 years. The Sylvan color option offers consumers the beauty of wood-grain, with the maintenance-free advantages of uPVC, such as draft proofing.

Steady growth

In July of 1996, the company’s owners announced the construction of a new facility, expanding floor space by 64 per cent. Additional expansions were also underway during September of 1998, expanding the facility by 61 per cent. The increased capacity enabled the company to service their market area and look to service new areas as well.

Historically speaking, Huron’s service was 50 per cent renovation and 50 per cent new construction. Commercial projects are supported by dealers’ initiations. Huron is also pursuing tendered projects that fall outside of its current dealer/agent base in both Canada and the U.S.

The window and door systems company maintains a rigid marketing strategy that is dealer-based. In today’s marketplace, there are many direct-sale manufacturers; however, Huron prefers to go through a network of dealers across North America and the world. The current dealer-based market area is concentrated in central Canada and the United States, and Huron is steadily gaining a network of dealers overseas.

Extreme weather, no problem

Specialized testing shows that windows are designed to bear the brunt of extreme weather conditions. In addition, they offer energy efficient performance in all temperatures and quality ensures long lasting benefits. By using larger Huron windows, consumers can realize up to 50 per cent energy savings over an average window, depending on climate and location.

For those who have lived through the consequences of having poorly insulated windows, unwanted moisture is an all-too-familiar problem. If humidity is too low, you feel cooler as the moisture evaporates from the skin. That results in higher heating costs as people crank up the thermostat to compensate for what they think is a lower temperature. If humidity is too high, it can cause mold and mildew; wood and plaster can expand; and unhealthy bacteria growth is likely.

Huron designs windows to have the optimal dead air spaces between panes of glass, which increases the insulation value of the window. The dead air space is maintained at the optimum size for the maximum insulation values. Other manufacturers start with 1/4” to 7/16” for dead air space, resulting in greater heat loss on larger glass areas. Huron allows up to 5/8”, which keeps the heat in and reduces condensation.

The proudly Canadian company now has dealers across Canada, the U.S., Tokyo and Pakistan, to name a few. While there are many competitors, Huron Window Corporation strives to be the best in aesthetics, efficiency and functionality. It’s a fine balance, indeed. And the company has proven results in high-quality performance and workmanship, as well as excellent support for customers who want to learn more.

Huron Window’s Mission Statement

Huron windows are designed and manufactured to embody the most sophisticated energy-saving technology, without ever compromising their good looks and maintenance-free convenience. At Huron, each window and door we make is an example of our commitment to traditional craftsmanship  and built-in value.

ISO 2001 Certification
Huron Window Corporation is proud to be ISO Certified through Deloitte & Touche Quality Registrar Inc.

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