Hydro One Redesigning Bills — at a Steep Cost

Hydro One logo

CBJ — Hydro One has spent a staggering $9 million to redesign its paper bills and update its information systems with another $6 million allegedly still to be spent on the project.

The NDP is raising concerns with the $15-million expense contained in a rate application from the formerly public utility. NDP energy critic Peter Tabuns says that’s a ridiculous amount, and he believes the problem with hydro bills is that they are too high, not that people don’t understand them. However, Hydro One says a 2016 survey of its customers indicated about 40% had difficulty in understanding their bills.

The company says about $9 million has already gone into redesigning bills, mostly for residential customers, and mostly to update the information systems, rather than cosmetic changes.

The Ontario Energy Board recently ordered Hydro One to lower a rate increase it had been seeking for this year to 0.2% down from 4.8%.


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