July 10 Editorial


On Sunday, June 27, I was deemed nonthreatening enough to cross the G20 security fence to listen to my Prime Minister talk about global economic reform and creating strong, sustainable growth. For about 15 minutes, he spoke positively about the Canadian economy and how we are an example to other countries. In sum, he repeated the same message he has been saying for the last year. A feel-good message, I’ll grant you, but was it worth the billions spent to facilitate the speech? Not really.

Outside the press conference, images of protestors and police in riot gear were not congruent with the rosy picture Harper was painting. I will let your Google search function dwell more on this, but after the weekend’s uneventful Summit, there is reason for (peaceful) protests.

Although the G20 weekend has clouded my disposition, I do assure you CBJ is a positive reflection of the Canadian business landscape. Taking the focus off of Toronto for a moment, our cover story delves into Montréal’s lively video game industry as a destination for emerging technology companies.

Have a safe and happy Canada Day,

Jennifer Sorlie, Editor