June 10 Editorial


It’s events like this that make me happy I moved out of Toronto. Nothing personal against the fabulous city, but when 20 world leaders gather there later this month, it will be bumper-to-bumper mayhem—only made worse by lane closures on the Gardiner Expressway. As a non-resident, I can actually appreciate the excitement this Summit will bring to the city.

I can’t think of a better country in which to host the G8 and G20 this year. The world is already watching Canada, as we lead the way with our renowned banking system and pull out of the recession. As CBJ prepares for both the G20 and Huntsville-based G8 Summits, we’re excited to bring you an article from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce that highlights our interests going into these meetings, as well as a report on April’s G8/ G20 Business Summit—a warm up for coming discussions.

Good luck to our crowded Toronto neighbours!

Jennifer Sorlie, Editor