KSB Pumps

A world of difference

Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, KSB Pumps Inc. is the Canadian subsidiary of the German-based KSB Group, one of the world’s leading producers of pumps, valves and related systems. Landing in Canada almost 20 years ago, KSB Pumps has offices in Calgary and Montreal and serves industries such as water utilities, energy and mining. Together with its nationwide distributor and dealership network, KSB Pumps is able to provide the right support and engineered pump solutions to meet client demands.

KSB pumps and mixers can be found in many municipal and industrial installations across Canada. One of the most impressive applications includes the submersible pumping station at an Ontario treatment facility. In addition, many of the country’s pulp and paper mills also rely on KSB boiler feed pumps, a necessary element of any boiler operation. Among the latest Canadian success stories are rugged pumps used in Alberta’s oil sands that will provide fuel for decades to come.

All of these applications depend on reliable and high performance equipment. When you consider what the pumps are exposed to—in the oil field, for example, pumps are forced to process harsh and abrasive materials—and how operations could fold without this equipment, it becomes clear just how important sound engineering is. And that is what KSB Pumps brings to the table. In fact, out of 16 employees, six are professional engineers.

The company has earned its reputation for being a successful, high-end solutions business, and that positive reputation precedes the team. “Our focus is on a quality product,” says Mike Blundell, president. “We differentiate ourselves with the German-engineering that goes into all of our products—both pump and valve technology. We can build equipment for any application, but we tend to focus on niche areas in the market that typically command an engineered solution. Our pumps are not off-the-shelf products, so to speak. We would prefer to create something that solves a specific challenge. That’s how we set ourselves apart.”

Sometimes quality engineering means the KSB Pumps isn’t the cheapest on the market, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Blundell maintains that KSB clients are consistently blown away. “We go above customers’ expectations,” he says.

Empowering employees

A highly successful company is most often one that pours into its employees, recognising that the happier they are, the more motivated they will be. That is how KSB Pumps treats its skilled and experienced staff.

“We believe in colleague development and empowerment,” Blundell explains. “KSB Pumps is interested in developing our employees’ technical skills and their personal skills, so we find out how to leverage their strengths and put them in ideal situations. The return to the company is a more confident employee.”

KSB Pumps also realises the importance of giving its team members responsibility over their work, as well as a good challenge. By encouraging employees to rise to any occasion, they can take personal pride in the growth of the company. Blundell says the employee-growth approach is relatively new, but that so far, it’s working well.  He says: “Our team is strong. We have a lot of loyal people here, and they are developing their skills every day. We give them a direction and as the company grows, they grow too.”

Gearing up

KSB Pumps is certainly doing very well in the Canadian market, but the company wants to do better. As a relatively young business as far as Canada is concerned, Blundell would like to see a stronger brand. “We want to grow at an above average rate,” he states. “We want to raise more awareness in Canada about who we are and what we’re about.”

“My main objective is to grow the business and make sure we have the right people on board,” he continues. “We haven’t been a significant threat to our competition in the past, but we think that will change. We would like to move toward becoming more established and recognised in this market, and we are getting there. Our results in the last six months are a reflection of that. We are on track for our best year ever, and everyone here believes they have ownership in the success!”