Market leader known for its high quality

One of the best ways to make a name known, or build a brand, is with high-quality service and a good reputation—having customers spread the word helps, too. This is no secret to Magnus Chemicals Limited, one of 19 licensees of the global Magnus group heralding from the United States back in 1946.

Since 1980, however, the company has been independently operated and has become the go-to for chemical expertise in HVAC, water treatment, industrial metalworking processes and waste-water treatment.

The company has set out to be “the preferred supplier of integrated chemical and mechanical solutions for water treatment, industrial metalworking and cleaning applications.” Magnus achieves its mission by offering superior customer service, and access to a highly qualified and trained technical team. Magnus has remains competitive through its host of innovative chemical products, which have been manufactured with the highest safety standards in mind.

Compliance and quality make for successful business

For Magnus, the name of the game is quality, and the company strives to enhance product integrity in all applications. In order to ensure quality chemical products, Magnus moved into a new, state-of-the-art, production facility in 2000, which is equipped with advanced R&D laboratories. The technician, chemists, biochemists, engineers and specialists in the Magnus facilities ensure that its products and services are delivered in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Magnus technicians are trained continuously, as the company takes pride in developing highly qualified technical representatives. They even have their own certification training program, and technicians are also certified by the Association of Water Technologies (AWT).

Pushing through tough times

Business has been good for Magnus, even throughout the tough financial conditions that hit Canadian industry the last two years. “We were not adversely affected by the current economic condition,” tells Michael Poirier, VP of Marketing for the company. And things are only going to get better, according to the company, because of increased market demand. People are more concerned about the ongoing and upcoming impacts of water, he says, so a big focus for us is on water management and our activities have expanded to include proper water management.

The company made the strategic decision to cater to various sectors, including: commercial, industrial and institutional. Magnus can run the gamut of services and be adaptable to any service a customer requires. “We’re focused on all aspects of water treatment—potable water, water that goes in HVAC systems, and wastewater systems.”

HVAC and wastewater treatment

One of the important things about HVAC water treatment is that it requires the chemical and mechanical aspects of water to be balanced in order to work with systems operations. Magnus experts ensure that their customers’ water treatment programs are suited for such processes and operations. This means that the company also helps customers protect their HVAC equipment and piping against corrosion—ultimately extending system lifecycles.

Magnus products prevent and control corrosion, scaling and microbiological fouling in heating and cooling applications, these applications ranging from cooling towers and evaporative condensers, steam generation, closed loop water systems, closed loop glycol systems, and geothermal systems.

The team at Magnus understands the importance of water for process performance, and always looks for new ways to improve water processes. The expertise of the Magnus staff leverages the company’s integrated chemical and equipment solutions, which are centred on asset protection, energy efficiency optimization, protection of the environment and workplace safety.

Magnus’ business has evolved to serve customers’ HVAC water treatment and industrial manufacturing, but has also stemmed to helping those same customers with waste water treatment concerns. This is in part due to the increasing complexity of today’s environmental challenges.
Magnus help manage natural resource responsibility in the following areas:

- Liquid and Solid Separation
- Hydrocarbon absorption
- Dewatering
- Heavy metal removal
- Dephosphatization

A new frontier: the environment

Acknowledging the importance of social responsibility, Poirier says, that the company is more focused on the environment than ever before. “Often, chemical companies are seen as being harmful to the environment. But most of our activities in R&D are geared towards creating products that are safe for the environment,” he says. In fact, the company runs an award-winning GoGreen program, geared at improving the efficiency of water treatment. The program won the Pinacle award from BOMA-Quebec in the 2007-2008.

Magnus is also committed to gaining more environmental compliance on their products, and the EcologoTM certification of some of Magnus products illustrates that protection of the environment is one of the company’s top priorities. “One of our goals for this year will be to get a lot of our chemical compounds Ecologo approved,” Poirier says. Customers can look for the green leaf symbol in Magnus’ product section.

Moving into the future, Poirier says, Magnus will be “ramping up the Ontario market.”

With a qualified staff and ongoing commitment to quality, there is no doubt the Ontario market will be in the firm grasp of Magnus.