Marsan Foods

Bringing Winning Food Ideas to your Table

Chosen as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies for the fourth year in a row, Marsan Foods Limited has enjoyed recognition as a leading producer of high quality food products. The company has a strong focus on quality and service, and has a unique position in the food market.

Operating out of Toronto, Marsan processes frozen prepared entrees, soups, sauces and signature items for the North American retail, foodservice and healthcare markets. The key to Marsan’s success is it’s focus on “Winning Food Ideas”. Marsan has a team of fully trained chefs who work directly with customers to understand their unique needs, and design award winning food solutions that address those needs.

Innovative food solutions
Innovation has been the lifeblood of success from day one. Marsan Foods got started in 1970 when Hamilton’s McMaster University Medical Centre became Canada’s first kitchen-less hospital. They needed a partner who could supply them with a comprehensive line of ready-to-heat entrees and soups, and Marsan came up with the solution to their needs. Marsan addressed two opportunities – to providing superior meal solutions at a low cost, and a commitment to providing varied, appealing and nutritious meals that enhance the healthcare experience.

Jim Thorne, President of Marsan Foods, has worked in sales, marketing and general management in the food industry for over 19 years, spending time with Nabisco, Campbells, and Maple Leaf Foods. At the time when he joined Marsan, the company was going through a transition period, where the family who owned Marsan wanted to transition away from family management.

“I think Marsan is a true success story. It’s about entrepreneurs who have been extremely professional and run the business well” Thorne says.

Quality foods, by quality people
Thorne adds that undoubtedly, Marsan will weather the Canadian recession by focusing on doing the fundamentals well. “We have a strategy going into this downturn. We’ve are making sure we stay healthy financially. We are managing cash well, and staying away from debt as much as possible. Next, instead of pulling back business, we’re investing more into developing the business. We’re leaning into it more, innovating and developing new products. At the same time we’re increasing the focus and creativity, looking into even newer ways to reduce costs and increase savings.” Thorne does not expect any layoffs as a result of the downturn, and instead is finding more ways to be productive, and create products even more efficiently.

“We have a workforce that’s been with us for a long time. When we go through the tough times we try to protect our people. We supplement our staff when we get very busy with part time or contract employees, so we can protect our permanent employees during slower times.” Thorne adds that Marsan’s key to success is the quality of the staff: “The key is our talent. The stronger the team you have, the easier it is to tackle your challenges and opportunities going forward. The keys to success are quite simple – taking care of your employees is a huge part of a progressive business.”

Ensuring a strong quality and food safety protocol
Quality and food safety has have always been a top priority for Marsan, being in an industry that demands the highest of protocol. Thorne says that despite recent food scares, Marsan is in good shape because it has always maintained a very high standard for quality and food safety. “Our standards go far beyond government regulations. We are regularly audited by third parties, as well as our customers and we consistently achieve very high quality scores. With that said, we are constantly looking for ways to take the bar up another level, and this year we will be working on achieving the standards as laid out by the Global Food Safety Initiative. We define quality as “safe, consistent and wholesome”, and we work everyday to deliver on that promise”.

Marsan also maintains a strong environmental policy. Thorne says that the company is implementing internal initiatives, including a complete full-fledged sustainability program with five areas of concentration: packaging, water reduction and recycling, energy conservation, waste, and sustainable ingredient sourcing practices. “We’re working with suppliers to understand what they’re doing to improve their environmental processes. We’ll also be moving to using more ‘green’ packaging” assures Thorne.

Marsan heads into 2009 with an emphasis on innovation and creating quality products. “Our goal is to develop winning food ideas. As long as we keep that in mind we’ll continue to be successful. We want our customers to think of us as the best at bringing winning food ideas to the market.”

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Innovation: Today, the Marsan tradition of innovation continues, with new product lines in three key areas: meal components, bulk purees and single-serve purees.

Quality: Our passion for innovation is matched by a focus on quality. To ensure the integrity of all our products, we strictly adhere to our Positive Release Program. Third-party micro-testing and sensory approval panels assure each production lot meets our stringent quality standards. And both of our Toronto-area processing plants are HACCP-recognized and CFIA/USDA inspected. The result is quality products that are consistent in flavour, colour and nutrition.

Support: We support our products with resources that are second to none:
· dedicated sales team, providing detailed product information
· staff dietician to assist in menu planning.
· on-site Culinary Center, staffed by full-time certified R&D chefs
· comprehensive website
· complete product manual

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