Munck Cranes

Flexibility in innovation

Stoney Creek, Ontario, is not the immediate place that comes to mind when thoughts turn to cranes and handling equipment, but Munck Cranes Inc. is changing that. The Canadian-owned and operated company has been proudly manufacturing Canadian-built material handling equipment and exclusively licensing Munck Cranes international out of its Stoney Creek facility since the early 1980s, now serving all of North America, parts of South America, Mexico and the Middle East.

With four decades of experience under their tool belts, Munck’s in-house engineering department, proven equipment designs, holistic customer service programs and support network are things customers have come to depend on. And as the needs of customers have grown, so has the innovation of Munck’s innovation material handling solutions.

Munck Cranes has a history of adapting and growing with the times. The first Munck manufacturing plant was built in Norway in the 1940s, as business was spurred by the need for 18 units of trolly buses for the local bus company. The company came to also manufacture industrial cranes and hoists for construction work on and off shore. Within two decades, subsidiary companies were created in the U.S., Great Britain, Sweden, Belgium, and, of course, Canada. Today, independent managers work closely with Munck international as dealers.

Steve Marczi, Director of Marketing and Sales, attributes Munck’s outstanding success in an industry not void of competition to “the quality of the product.” The company’s ability to adapt and make products according to precise specifications allow the client flexibility to do their job correctly. “Our products are very robust. Our in-house factoring capabilities allow us to make customizations to the equipment with a very short turnaround period,” says Marczi.

It is ‘flexibility in innovation’ that the Munck team strives for everyday. “Custom-built equipment is absolutely one of the areas that we gravitate to. Over the years, we’ve built some interesting equipment that stands out because of its design,” says Marczi, who offers tailor made and special cranes designed specifically for the client and his or her needs.

Add to this that Munck equipment has earned its reputation for long life, maximum safety and economic price, and it is apparent why Munck clients keep the Stoney Creek operation thriving. Their downtime is minimized and spare parts are always in their own backyard, as are in-house engineers with know-how in the operation of all the products.

Within the specialty fields, which includes, but is not limited to, cranes, hoists, overhead bridge cranes, monorails and custom designs, the team will provide a complete installation and commissioning of cranes, and will also oversee the service and maintenance of existing ones. The projects Munck gets speak for the quality and reliability of the products. “Our fully automated crane system for Exxon-Mobil was very interesting. We’ve produced high-capacity, specialty equipment for iron ore companies in Canada and we’ve manufactured some customized-made equipment for the aerospace industry in Canada—Bombardier and MDS Aerospace are examples,” says Marczi.

Weather the storm

No doubt most of Canada felt the economic pinch of the past months, and the construction industry was certainly no expectation. Just as in the early days, Munck has adapted and changed to best navigate the economy. “Right now, certainly in southern Ontario, we’re seeing quite a slump in capital expenditures,” says Marczi, adding, “Fortunately, we’ve spread out our business throughout North America. We have two other companies—one in New York called Total Crane Systems and another in Monterey, Mexico called Munck Cranes Mexico. By having diversified into those regions, it helps us stay viable in this market having resources and revenue streams from other economies have certainly helped.”

Munck’s Canadian business has also been expanded and strengthened.  “We have a different distribution network that we utilize in Canada. We have distributors throughout the east to the west coast,” says Marczi.

“Right now, our goal is to expand our operations in the U.S. and look for additional distributors there. We also want to improve our level of support and product offerings probably through additional marketing resources to our distribution network in Canada.”

It is the company’s philosophy to be “more than a catalogue crane and hoist company,” and it is succeeding in doing so. Munck Cranes Inc. has a proven ability to handle material needs from standard cranes to the most specified and one-off crane on the market, and handle the entire process from design to installation. Not limited by geography or ability, Munck Cranes is bringing quality, Canadian goods to the world.