NuTech Engineering Inc.

Unleash the Power of Automation

NuTech Engineering has been coined “one of the industry’s best kept secrets.” Why? Because they have established a comparatively small list of customers who have revenues in the billions and operations through North America and abroad. The company is small, but runs a tight ship and is highly regarded as an industry leader in automation services

Since its inception in 1988 NuTech has remained 100% privately owned. Located in Milton, Ontario, NuTech is nestled on the outskirts of the GTA, and operates out of an 80,000 square foot facility. Development has steadily increased in the growing family city over the last decade or so, and NuTech has grown with it. The company specializes in the automation of welding and cutting processes, and services clients in Canada and beyond. NuTech’s motivation is to create great solutions for clients’ needs, and the company’s reputation is built on quality and helping clients achieve a competitive edge.
Brad Henderson, President of NuTech, has been with company since the beginning of 2007. It didn’t take him long to see how strong the culture was at NuTech when he arrived, and is pleased that most NuTech employees have been with the company for several years. “Well over 65% of our employees have been with the company over five years, and we have a number of employees who have been with us for over 15 years – employee tenure says a lot about the quality of our work environment.”

The key to positive employee relationships, according to Henderson, is communication. “The most important thing is communication with your employees. We have town halls meetings, where all employees are invited to share with management their viewpoints and we engage them in dialogue about how the company is doing. We let them know how we’re doing on individual customer assignments in terms of being on time and on budget. We have a tight relationship with our customers, which allows us to give specific and timely feedback to our employees.”

The credit crisis

Keeping close relationships with customers and employees alike is paramount for NuTech right now, as the current worldwide credit crisis looms over the business. Henderson says that “the greatest challenge continues to be credit. Because of the credit freeze, or slow down, major financial institutions are nervous about financing. Many of our clients need capital to invest into their businesses We sell technology that helps many of these Canadian and American businesses run more efficiently. If there is a significant credit freeze, this creates fear and doubt in the minds of consumers and business people alike, and there is a tendency therefore to procrastinate or defer decisions on larger projects because of the uncertainty in the market. So that will affect us as well.”

NuTech caters primarily to the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing sectors, and most of their projects last from 6-12 months. So although there is a certain level of uncertainty, NuTech’s clients are still working towards automating processes with the company’s help – and these projects will carry into the new year and beyond. NuTech delivers services and completes installations to North American clients, but also services clients running multi-billion dollar enterprises around the world, making them a global player in the automation industry. “Through innovation and great customer service, we’ve been able to provide new solutions for multi-national companies who come to us over and over again.”

NuTech has also been able to provide environmentally sound solutions for clients, which in turn has helped the business grow. “We’re looking at everything we do, and making sure we’re environmentally conscious but also offer environmentally conscious products and solutions.”

Henderson says that NuTech’s business has helped to create jobs for Canadians – a tremendous benefit to various industries that have seen many manufacturing jobs go to other countries. “It is important that we use technology and automation to try to create excellent jobs and opportunities for Canadians, and Canadian companies with operations abroad.”

A truly Canadian enterprise, NuTech supports local charities and community initiatives, and by doing so continues to lead by example in an ever-changing industry.

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