O.N. Site Construction Inc.

Experts in the construction and renovation industry

(O.N. Site) is a company that has over 40 years combined experience in the construction industry, ranging from residential to commercial/industrial and from small renovations to multi-million dollar projects. They have built their reputation on quality workmanship and unprecedented customer service.

Founded in 2005, O.N. Site Construction Inc. has grown steadily over the past 12 years, offering Construction Management and General Contracting services to their clients, primarily in the food service and financial service sectors.

From their office in Oakville, O.N. Site provides national coverage, with active construction projects in the GTA, Northern Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta. The company recently completed projects in Ottawa and Saskatchewan and has an upcoming project in British Columbia.

The company’s Fortune 500 clients include four of the Big Five banks: Bank of Montreal, CIBC, TD Bank and Scotiabank. Their restaurant portfolio includes the chains Yum! Brands and Cara Foods.

“In 2013 we expanded our Oakville head-office, resulting in the doubling of our office space, accommodating the growth in head office staff required to keep pace with the demand for our services across Canada,” says Donogh Hanley, Vice President, BEng MEngSc.

Hanley joined German Neglia, President, BTech, as partner of O.N. Site early in 2016. “The development of critical relationships over the last couple of years has been key to the expansion of existing business and the development of new. O.N. Site continues to experience steady growth, while maintaining consistently quality execution of projects,” says Hanley.

Saskatoon Main & Edmonton Main / Digital Banking Rollout

Some notable recent projects for O.N. Site include the 15,000sf live branch renovation of three floors of retail banking and office space in downtown Saskatoon, with the company acting as Construction Managers. This complex, multi-phase, interior and exterior renovation was successfully executed on time and under budget, while maintaining excellent relationships with the end users who remained on site for the duration of the project.

O.N. Site Construction Inc. worked closely with Brookfield GIS, Stantec and CIBC to successfully implement the rollout of over thirty Digital Banking Centres at various locations throughout Southern Ontario. “This project was a branch transformation, removing some traditional banking techniques and replacing them with a technology based approach,” says Hanley. “These projects were completed in compressed two week schedules, so having a fully engaged contractor was critical to success. Our expertise was used to develop the project methodology and also for the timely identification of challenges and solutions to ensure the successful completion of the rollout.”

“We are currently working as Construction Managers on the 9,000sf Edmonton Main branch for the Bank of Montreal,” says Hanley. “This project, spanning two floors of the newly constructed Enbridge Centre in downtown Edmonton, involved the retrofitting of a vault and elevator into the completed tower, complete with associated structural work. With this portion of the project now complete, we are focused on completing the interior to our own exacting standards in advance of the October move-in date.” The completion of the project will involve O.N. Site managing the relocation of the existing branch staff, securities and equipment, into the new location.

Over the past few years, O.N. Site has experienced a shift from the traditional general contractor/owner relationships to a more collaborative team approach, between: owner, consultant team and a service oriented role for the contractor. “Having always treated client services as an absolute priority, structuring ourselves as Construction Managers regardless of our defined role on a particular project, our exceptional service level has been recognized by our clients and has resulted in Construction Management services becoming a significant growth area for O.N. Site Construction Inc.,” says Hanley. “As we move into the digital age, we are seeing an increased embrace of technology, both within the built environment and as a means of doing business. Within the financial sector, this takes the form of digital banking and a recognition of the various media for client interactions.”

There is a continuous collective effort amongst our employees to keep their fingers on the pulse of these new technologies and also on the changing landscapes faced by their clients. “Having in house, in-depth knowledge of smart buildings, and in particular Building Automation Systems, allowed us to play a leading role in the national rollout of BAS integration for one of our financial sector clients,” says Hanley.

The importance and strength of relationships

“We understand the importance of our entire team to maintaining company standards and reputation and, in that respect, have built a highly qualified team, with deep expertise in construction, that fully embrace the company ethos,” says Hanley. “Engaging our employees and harnessing these qualifications allows our team to deliver their best work; ultimately strengthening client relationships to further the success of the company.

In addition to the critical role the teams play in quality control, schedule and budget adherence, the Site Superintendents are typically the first line of client engagement, acting as their customer service representatives. Developing a solid team provides clients with the assurance that regardless of the individuals working on their project, the service level will be constant.

“Perhaps underlining the importance and strength of the relationships we build with clients and consultants, the primary driver of new business development for O.N. Site Construction Inc. is the movement of personnel within the industry,” says Hanley. “When a consultant changes firm, or personnel on the client side seek a fresh challenge, they invariably look to engage our services for their new firm. We see this as the ultimate compliment, and it also allows us to focus less attention on marketing and more on maintaining our reputation for quality project delivery.”

O.N. Site remains focused on ensuring that the needs of their existing clients are not only met, but exceeded. They recognize that these partnerships must be nurtured and take time and effort to maintain. “Through strategic planning we evaluate projected workloads and proactively position ourselves to deliver on these projections,” says Hanley. “Our plans are to steadily grow O.N. Site at a pace that allows us to maintain a high quality of service to existing customers, while delivering the same experience to new customers. This is a more sustainable model for our team, and one that reflects the service focused outlook of our ownership.”

O.N. Site Construction Inc. has a great combination of young talent and seasoned professionals, committed to serving clients’ needs. “Applying a holistic team approach to project delivery requires all team members to feel invested in the outcome,” says Hanley. “As such, we view team building as key to both engagement and retention of staff and, to that effect, hold a number of company outings over the course of each calendar year for employees. These include activities such as golf outings but the highlight is definitely our annual fishing trip, where we bring the team for a weekend’s fishing adventure to provide some important and well-earned respite from the work.”

The client experience is everything; the company has long recognized that relationships are key to their successful establishment and growth. “We foster client relationships through a cross-company commitment to delivery that sets us apart from our competitors; in essence, if our client looks good, we look good,” says Hanley.

O.N. Site Construction Inc. believes that value is added through a collaborative approach to project delivery. “We pride ourselves on having a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ business, as this better positions us to understand where improvements can be achieved, whether that be in the form of design, schedule reduction, or cost savings,” says Hanley. “Where possible, we seek early engagement on projects to allow for detailed scope, budget and design review. By assisting in budget development, it ensures that we are committed to its integrity. This often takes the form of value engineering, which, while in the short term reduces costs, in the long term builds relationships and that is the cornerstone of our existence.”

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