Past Issues

October 13

BY THE TIME I CONCLUDE this paragraph several more game-changing details about the direction of BlackBerry will likely be making headlines. As of publication, Prem Watsa’s Fairfax Financial had [...]

September 13

IT IS TIMES like these when I actually wish BlackBerry wasn’t a topic for discussion; very little has been positive during the past couple of years. The release of the BB10 was to have been the [...]

August 13

Our cover story this month examines the multi-billion dollar dilemma of offshore tax cheats and what the federal government is doing to combat the illegal activity. It’s safe to say law abiding [...]

July 13

Telecom Wars: starring Bell, TELUS and Rogers, costarring WIND Mobile, Mobilicity and Public Mobile, although the latter two have largely dropped out of this ongoing real-life drama due to a [...]

June 13

There remains a rigid disconnect across Canada when it comes to post-secondary education meeting the requirements and expectations of business enterprise – and vice versa. The topic was covered [...]

May 13

Technology is the overriding theme in this month’s edition. We take a closer look at the personal computer and whether it is slowly being phased out in favour of smaller more streamlined [...]

April 13

It’s always an interesting dynamic when the need to innovate through research and development criss-crosses with corporate requirements to be fiscally responsible, i.e. watching the debt. These [...]

March 13

The ongoing transformation taking place at Canada Post is proving exceedingly difficult as the Crown corporation grapples to reinvent itself in this new digital era, where communications have [...]

February 13

As the final stage of this issue was being completed, I began reflecting on how the next two months will be so incredibly vital for the former Research In Motion, now known as BlackBerry. The new [...]

January 13

Our loss will assuredly be Great Britain’s gain as current Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney moves to merry old England as of next July, tasked with sorting out their dated, largely ineffective [...]

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