Peace Valley Solidarity Initiative applauds BC NDP Cabinet for their careful consideration to Stop Site C

VANCOUVER, BC–(Marketwired – December 07, 2017) – The Peace Valley Solidarity Initiative learned this week that the BC NDP Cabinet needs to clear one final hurdle before it can cancel Site C. The Cabinet is said to have considered the evidence but must finalize its approach on minimizing the financial impact on ratepayers.

“Following the full regulatory review commissioned by Premier Horgan and with all the evidence and analysis in, the only decision that can be made now is to cancel the project,” said Harold Steves. “I congratulate the Premier and his government for their bold and visionary approach to resolving this situation. By cancelling Site C, the NDP will avoid another stint in the political wilderness and avoid risks to the future of the party.”

Steves went on to say, “All British Columbians realize that the cancellation of Christy Clark’s blunder will result in a modest hike in hydro rates, but that is nothing compared to future credit downgrades and massive rate hikes that would accompany completion of the troubled $12-15 billion Site C dam.” He added that, “while it remains a complete mystery as to why the previous government started this project, it is no mystery why John Horgan will have to cancel the project now. By cancelling Site C, BC will avoid the fate Manitoba and Newfoundland face — wrecked provincial finances due to the wildly over budget Keeyask and Muskrat Falls dams.”

The BC Utilities Commission’s Site C Inquiry Report and expert presentations before Cabinet clearly support a Cabinet decision to move to low-cost, deployable renewables like wind and solar, backstopped by dam storage. This decision eliminates the risk that the next generation and future governments will be saddled with a massive debt from completing Site C.

“Future generations will be so grateful to the NDP government for this decision,” said Jackie Larkin. “This NDP government has faced the multi-billion dollar termination cost of Christy Clark’s mistake head on, rather than kicking it down the road to our children and grandchildren.” Larkin observed that, “a cancellation decision would be an honest one that will open the way for PowerBC, the energy plan that we NDP and Union members supported as part of the NDP’s election platform.”

On the campaign trail, Horgan said, “we shouldn’t be proceeding with Site C today.” He described PowerBC as a plan for “jobs not in camps, but in communities.” It is highly anticipated that PowerBC will be adopted now as the NDP government’s energy and jobs plan:

Reconciliation with Treaty 8 First Nations, preservation of their territory, our farmland and sensitive ecosystems should take a big step forward. Two decades from now our children will live in a British Columbia that is better off because of a bold decision we expect from today’s NDP government.

Media Contacts:

Harold Steves: 604-277-7759,
Richmond City Councillor, former NDP MLA (Dave Barrett NDP 1972) founder ALR, 1973, chaired NDP Environmental Caucus 60’s 70’s, Honorary Life Member NDP, Former member BCTF, Director Metro Vancouver.

Jackie Larkin: 250-478-7604,
Former member of IWA, Vancouver and Municipal Employees Union, VCC Faculty Association and Communication, Energy and Paperworkers’ Union. Esquimalt-Metchosin NDP.