Penco Drywall

Quality drywall services from a trustworthy family business

Jeff Pierce, an industry veteran, noticed a genuine need for a reputable, consistent drywall company in Southern Ontario. He envisioned a company that takes pride in the quality of its work, places a high value on the skill of its workman and still turns a profit. This vision was realized and Penco Drywall was opened for business in 1996. A family-operated company, Penco Drywall provides a multitude of insulation and drywall installation services. Business includes both residential and commercial projects and is solidly founded on ideals of trustworthy workmanship. The bulk of their business—about 90 per cent—is residential work. Not with individual homeowners, but with construction companies, home builders and subdivision builders. The remaining 10 per cent is commercial projects.

Penco specializes in a wide variety of drywall and insulation installation services. Some of the areas of expertise for both commercial and residential projects include work involving T-Bar ceilings, drop-down ceilings, metal studs, insulation, drywall and textured ceilings. They also install blown insulation for attics, foam insulation and they occasionally do service work—patching and repairing existing drywall. The Pierce family prides themselves on the quality of their skilled tradesmen and the efficacy of their experienced foremen. The family’s passion for quality work is evident when discussing current projects. The top-tier quality they pride themselves on is an essential component for high-end custom home jobs. For example, the detailed, unique ceilings commonly ordered for new luxury houses require a particular precision and skill set. This expertise, combined with very affordable prices for consumers, is the unique selling proposition for Penco Drywall.

Growth during recession

The family’s passion for their business is part of the reason why they have managed to grow steadily despite the economic recession. Says Pierce, “When things slow down, you just have to work harder to pick up work in other places.” This attuned business sense is evident in their approach. So long as there is a unique product which can definitively add value to the consumer, new products stemming from research and development are continually kept in mind. Always considering ways to generate new revenue, Penco Drywall also has future goals of expanding into the lucrative high rise market.

Consistently competitive in the market

Over the past 14 years, Penco Drywall has remained competitive in the construction industry. Their strong history of consumer loyalty is a source of pride for the family, with many clients remaining with Penco for years. Home builders Acorn Homes, for example, has been a loyal customer for 16 years. Highcastle Homes has utilized Penco Drywall services for 12 years. This repeat business is another factor which helped the company to avoid a loss of revenue during the recent recession. Pierce also praises the importance of their consistent, trusted relationship with suppliers, who maintain reasonable prices for the company so that they are able to compete in the market. This symbiotic relationship is key to maintaining a consistently positive revenue stream. That and, of course, producing a quality product.

The Penco promise of perfection

In an industry such as construction it can be tough to remain competitive. It seems, however, that Penco Drywall has hit the nail on the head. So how do they do it? The crux of the Penco philosophy is ensuring the consistent delivery of a trustworthy and quality product. “It can be tough to compete in a market like drywall because it is an industry that is by nature competitive,” says Pierce. “We pride ourselves on being a very trustworthy and honest company. We have developed a reputation of being honest and fair with clients. When things get competitive, that trust and honesty take you through that competitive landscape.” A solid reputation not only ensures revenue from continued clients, but consistently attracts the new—a philosophy which has served them well. Annual profits have been consistently rising with each year of business.

Workplace ethics and company philosophy

So how does one ensure that the quality of work is up to par? According to the Penco philosophy, the key is treating your workers with fairness and respect. They have a history of workers who stay with the company long-term. Pierce comments, “We have a great worker base and customers see this. Workers are not always treated the best in construction. Treat them well and they treat you well—by doing proper work.” Positive and respectful working conditions leave the company feeling confident they will deliver on their tagline of ‘Expect Perfection’. Additionally, strict adherence to health and safety guidelines and an active involvement with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board ensure a safe and protected work environment for everyone. Given the impressive client retention rate, it appears that they are on to something. For the Pierce family, the drywall business is truly a labour of love.