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Premier Tech Home & Garden

Canada's leading manufacturer of lawn and garden products

As the largest supplier to the home and garden trade in Canada, Premier Tech Home & Garden, a full service manufacturer and distributor, provides Canadians with high quality lawn care products, offering growing media products, fertilizers, control products, weed control, pest control and winter ice melt products.

In the Canadian market, Premier Tech Home & Garden is a major player with high quality raw material availability and a large distribution (with three plants and six distribution centers across Canada) to service its diversified clientele. Through a creative retail marketing strategy and by providing innovative products to its consumers, Premier Tech Home & Garden has created a competitive niche in the marketplace.

While the company’s distribution is mostly through large retailers, in supplying all vendors with its dominant brands, Premier Tech Home & Garden continues to work to consolidate its position in Canada, actively developing a program for entering the American market—specifically the northeast as it is a geographically close opportunity for its product.

“The U.S. market is dominated by one large player and the rest is all fragmented. It would be nice to consolidate as the second tier of business in the [American] market,” says Rene Modugno, President of

Premier Tech Home & Garden.

“The recession has always been favourable to our industry [and market]. When the economy goes bad, consumers tend to cocoon more and get closer to home and back to nature, which is all good for our products because we offer products at competitive retail price as well,” says Modugno. “But we are much more dominated by the weather. Last year, we had a very early spring and sales were going through the roof and then things started to cool down.”

With great advances in greener technologies, Premier Tech Home & Garden offers a wide range of organic products to the market. “We have always been very close to nature. We were one of the original green companies and we promote green living to our clients. We use environmentally friendly products. We are good for the economy, for nature and for people’s health,” says Modugno.

In terms of pest controls and fertilizers, Premier Tech Home & Garden manufacturers some of the product line while another portion is manufactured for the company. The company is also working on natural alternatives for weed control, with a line of natural fertilizers and denaturalizers to cater to its markets. Premier Tech Home & Garden continues to develop its line of products under the Green Earth label from year to year.
To summarize the operations of Premier Tech Home & Garden in a single note?

“High quality product and recognized National brands.”