Raising a Glass to Wine Kitz


Forget everything you think you know about consumer-made wine. Canada’s biggest consumer-made wine company, Wine Kitz, can help you create a wine for a fraction of the price of commercial wine with the same quality.

Since 1959, Wine Kitz (originally named Wine Art) has been a recognized leader in the consumer-made wine market. Wine Kitz is a subsidiary of Andrew Peller Ltd., and the largest wine making franchise in Canada with 70-plus locations.

Wine Kitz offers a simple, quick, and enjoyable process in which consumers can make their own wine for weddings, dinners, or to keep in their cellar and enjoy any time.
Making wine with Wine Kitz is made easy by the company’s knowledgeable consultants. “We stand behind every wine we help you to make because our simple foolproof process has been continuously perfected over 50 years,” says Vince Rines, Franchise Development Manager for Wine Kitz.

Wine Kitz offers different categories of wines, from specialty, value, premium, ultra-premium and limited releases.
“Within each brand we have key varietals and blends,” says Rines. “Merlot is the most popular red wine, while Pinot Grigio is the most popular white wine. We have every varietal you can find in a commercial wine store; Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, and Shiraz. If you are familiar with a commercial wine, depending on how quickly you want to drink it and what quality you are looking for, the store owner will direct you to the proper brand to meet your needs.”

Quality Wine

Marketing Manager Michael Hind admits that the biggest challenge the consumer-made wine industry faces is getting new customers to try the product. Once a customer makes their own wine, they usually become a loyal and passionate customer, says Hind, who notes Wine Kitz has a 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee on its products.

“We are buying the same juices that a commercial winery is buying,” says Hind. “We are just packaging it up a little differently; instead of making 1000 litres, you are making 23 litres, 30 bottles at a time. The quality is there to create bottles that are similar in quality to a $10 to $15 bottle of wine from a commercial wine store, for $3 to $6.”
Wine Kitz buys its juices from all of the major grape growing regions in the world. “Whether it is New Zealand, Italy, Spain, France, Argentina, Chile, or California, we are purchasing and importing juices from all of those countries and packaging it in our facility in St. Catharines.”

To ensure maximum quality, the juice goes through a number of quality checks to make sure that it meets the proper specifications with regards to brix, pH balance, acidity, and colour.

“When the kits are being produced, they are examined at  the beginning, middle, and end of each run to ensure they all meet the same high quality standards that we create,” says Rines. “It is different than commercial wines because we want to make the wine perfect in its raw state to make sure you have a 100 per cent guaranteed product.”

In-store Experience

Wine Kitz stores proudly offer state-of-the-art equipment to make the process easy and enjoyable for the consumer. Most stores are equipped with a 30-bottle industrial washer and sterilizer making cleaning and sanitizing bottles quick and easy. Most also have multiple-head bottle fillers, and pneumatic corkers where a cork is injected into the bottle by air pressure. “The whole experience of coming into the stores and making wine is much more enjoyable than making it at home,” says Rines.


“Our customers are very loyal and passionate,” says Hind, who wants to foster the love of making wine to a younger generation, and, as such, Wine Kitz is marketing its products at a younger demographic and reaching out to prospective franchisees.

“We have a very entry friendly franchisee system,” says Hind. Wine Kitz’ strategic plan is to grow to 150 stores at a rate of five stores a year.
To entice new customers, Wine Kitz developed a unique 15-bottle kit. From the Traditional Vintage brand, customers can make the product in three weeks. This kit has proven to be successful amongst space-conscious urban customers. Rines says new customers are always surprised that they can be in and out of the store in less than 25 minutes, and end up with an incredible, memorable wine.