At the root of the name Salumatics is “salus”, or “health” in Latin, a reflection of the company’s contribution to the evolution of the healthcare system, specifically by assisting healthcare organizations reach their electronic health record goals.

Mississauga-based company Salumatics provides a range of health information services, solutions, and technologies to healthcare providers, governments, business and hospitals. They have a unique and comprehensive understanding of the challenges of keeping and accessing patient records in an increasingly digital age. Salumatics brings vast experience to healthcare providers who seek to convert their paper records to electronic form and need the tools and resources to evolve their health information. With offices and facilities also in Montreal, Salumatics is uniquely positioned to serve the Canadian market with their electronic data needs.

“We are trying to help healthcare organizations improve patient care,” says President and CEO Allan Magnacca, who has been with Salumatics since 2003, bringing with him a wealth of senior management experience in the public and private sector to the executive team. He describes Salumatics services in four areas: records conversion, remote coding and abstracting (whereby coders identify procedures by a standard code classification which is useful particularly for statistical purposes), data hosting and disaster recovery. These services combine to offer management of electronic records to healthcare providers during the transition to electronic data keeping and maintenance thereafter.


The basic advantage to conversion of paper records is to make the hospitals more efficient, says Magnacca. The conversion of paper to the digital electronic image allows doctors to review more accurately the information, expedites access to critical patient information, and removes that cumbersome process of piles of paper sorted into files and then eventually getting the file back to a health provider.

“Our mandate is to assist health care organizations to reach their electronic health record goals,” says Magnacca.

As the Canadian market is largely funded with public funds, Canadian clients aren’t drawn to Salumatics cost benefits the same way its American clients are. Rather, they gravitate towards Salumatics for the improvement in resource efficiency, which can be concentrated further on patient care.

Visit from the Mayor

Salumatics was honoured to be visited in September by Mississauga Mayor, the indefatigable Hazel McCallion. Mayor McCallion paid a formal visit to the Salumatics headquarters in Mississauga and toured the company offices and secure production facilities where health records from across North America are managed.

“Mayor McCallion has been very involved in understanding the health system,” says Magnacca, “and is very much a supporter of hospitals within Mississauga such as Trillium Health Centre. She really connected quickly with our people and showed a real understanding of the importance of the services, solutions and technologies we were providing.”

Their work with Trillium Health Centre

Her visit came in recognition of Salumatics signing a five-year agreement to provide hosting of health records for Trillium Health Centre. Trillium Health Centre, which has locations in Mississauga and west Toronto, recently signed a five year agreement with Salumatics to provide conversion of paper-based charts to digital images, plus hosting of electronic health records. This is in addition to a large coding project that Salumatics completed for Trillium earlier this year.
At their secure data centre, Salumatics provides remote hosting of Trillium health records in SaluVision, a platform independent Software as a Service (SaaS) software product. The SaluVision SaaS platform provides Trillium with a cost effective secure alternative to expensive legacy based Electronic Document Management Systems.

Magnacca and his team are very excited to be working with a large number of healthcare organizations across North America. The team contributes directly on efforts towards consuming less paper. “Over the course of our business, we have converted in excess of 91 million pieces of paper to digital images, or over 636,000 tonnes of paper. By going in this direction, the consumption of paper will be drastically reduced in the future.”

The ushering of the healthcare industry into the digital age is a huge undertaking.  With credit to Salumatics, the Ontario and Quebec healthcare industries are being streamlined and improved, improving patient care with it.